Why High Quality Traffic is NOT What You May Think It Is!

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…so What is High Quality Traffic then?

This is a question that puzzled me when I was a newbie to internet marketing. You hear the ‘big boys’ talk about it all the time – you need QUALITY traffic. But WTF is quality? Is quality measured in the cost? Is it the GEO? Is it the right carrier traffic? The answer is more complicated than you think!

Well after doing Media Buys for around 9 months now full time, I now kind of have an idea and I am going to share it with you.

Imagine this, you read all the guides, you got the knowledge and you jump right in and get your campaigns up. SWEET, you are going to make six figures you think – you bid sky high, and you end up losing 80% of your $500 dollar budget. Sounds like something that all new media buyers experience right?

That is because the traffic, even though you bought it for a high price – is not QUALITY TRAFFIC. Quality traffic is highly targeted traffic; one that is inline with your demographics right.. You often hear how important it is to do your homework, well it IS. You must identify who your customer is that is most likely to buy your offer, after you do that you have to find placements (sites, apps, etc) that your customer uses. This is high quality traffic, because the odds of making a conversion are IN YOUR FAVOR.

You can do what 99% newbies do, launch campaigns, bid sky high and lose most of your money, get discouraged and give up, or you can do what it takes to advertise where your target audience is and make $$$$.

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

4 thoughts on “Why High Quality Traffic is NOT What You May Think It Is!”

  1. So unless we test different traffic sources, we will not know which is quality traffic..imagine a newbie with just $500. How many “quality” traffic + offers can one test to determine if THAT is quality traffic source. I was told by a mentor that ” the traffic source has the most inventory” start with that …when you find a winning offer then scale it with other traffic source. I wonder if you are also doing the same thing. INMOBI is the traffic source.

    • inmobi is good, if a source has little traffic its stupid waste of time, think about it

      what u do is u test something and build the best angle/creatives for it, when u are getting really high cr and no matter what u do, it doesnt climb higher then u can take those best winners to other sources to run little tests.. if the sources are good ull know with $100 little tests, after which u can scale fast… and big..

      • Thanks iAmAttila. I am going to take 3-4 tops offers by revenue from
        mundo and test it with Inmobi and see what comes out of that.

  2. Great post IAmAttila. It really helped me solidify and understand the idea of quality vs. quantity. It is far more important to funnel your budget into pursuing traffic that is likely to be interested in your product, rather than take the shotgun approach of targeting a huge market where none of your adds even reach interested customers.

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