, Designers and their lack of business sense .. RANT

Designers and their lack of business sense .. RANT

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I have been trying to find a designer who can chop+code the PSDs hyper6 made for me into fully responsive HTML5/CSS. Yea I have my own products now because I am sick and tired of CPA Networks shaving (*cough* technical errors *cough*) and/or advertisers scrubbing.

Unfortunately my company Banners&Landers doesn’t provide PSD2HTML service, only landers for affiliate marketers and their campaigns. So I begun my hunt on the usual places, oDesk, Twitter, Behance, etc etc.

I keep meeting designers that want either 400-600$ to code a single page from PSD to HTML/CSS, and say will take 2-3 weeks to do that, or I keep meeting people who want couple hundred and say they will deliver.

None of them give you a flat rate price before seeing what they have to chop up and code into HTML/CSS. You might agree and say OF COURSE THEY WON’T your page can be 10 pages in lenght, or really short so ……… YEA! That’s exactly it, the WRONG TRAIN OF THOUGHT.

You see, if a company would standardize PSD2HTML service and offer a flat rate, they could get VOLUME of orders. SURE some order they’d make little, on some they’d make a lot because these kind of things are various in size. But no, unfortunately most people weren’t blessed with a business sense, so they turn down a lot of work – instead of accepting everything, building a name for themselves, and thanks to volume after a couple months invested BANK consistently.

All right, rant off, back to work 🙂

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

6 thoughts on “Designers and their lack of business sense .. RANT”

  1. Well maybe the reason is because most of the work people request is too much for a price. Say $2000 would be enough, how many would pay for that, what expectations would they have? Your business proposition is similar to selling only 5L bottles of water. It doesn’t work like this, it never will. You obviously have no idea of the work behind involved.
    And what’s the problem of writing a small brief with everything you want done? Oh yea, too lazy to do it, you want to pay for it like you pay a monthly rent. Why don’t car manufacturers include all the options for a standard price and they loose or win here and there.
    The ignorance some people have towards the creative+development process is over the limits.

    • You are in a position where you are trading time for money, so I don’t blame you for not understanding what I am saying.

      When you start thinking like a business owner, where you are producing product and selling more and scaling that product you will understand this post better.

  2. Hmm an interesting idea, so you’re saying a flat rate for PSD2HTML regardless of complexity?

    It depends on how much volume can be offered I suppose.

    I would be interested in that kind of work but would need it to be regular, i.e. jobs every day.

    But hey I’m open to offers…

    • Get a bunch of guys who know what they are doing.
      Give them a fixed salary.
      Charge a kick ass rate to steal all the business, do some real targeted advertising (ie target the names / brands of other psd2html business, or designers/design companies who offer this service for a lot of money) then run ads, we do it for $99 and u will have more biz than you can handle.

      Due to volume eventually your investment into HR is going to be surpassed by the revenue generated and you will be left with profits, etc.

      PS: If you know how to do this yourself, simply just take the golden nuggets I shared on HOW to get this kind of business and go nuts with a great offering ie $99 per lander.

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