Facebook Ads for Businesses – Worst Customer Service On the Planet?

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Everyone is in love with Facebook; hell it’s an addiction, omg fun goodness.       Not so fast; maybe if you are a freeloader using it to waste your endless time liking and commenting on everything and sharing your very valuable opinion; then maybe Facebook rocks;   but if you are an advertiser.  Who is willing to spend big bucks on their over priced ads;  then things get a little interesting.

I am not alone when I say this, but when it comes to Customer Service and Support Facebook gets an F.   A failing grade; a horrible low score.   If I could rate them on the BBB.org with all my internet marketing friends; they’d do so bad – they’d get an investigation from some government organization for shitty customer service.    Not so unfortunate, because I reside in Budapest, Hungary and have our business operations there.      So,  if a problem comes out,  all roads lead to a horrible email system, that doesn’t really answer your questions, or ignores you, or just simply throws a 404 error page.

Facebook simply doesn’t care.  They don’t care you are spending over $1 million a year on Google advertising;   they don’t care you are dropping $500,000 on Bing Ads each year.   They just don’t care for your business – after all, why would they,  Facebook is the #1 social network in the world.    What if they lose a ‘customer’ that is generating $1 million plus in ad spend – who cares.      I’m pretty sure Facebook Investors checking KPI’s and Earnings Reports have NO IDEA how HORRIBLE Facebook support for the customers who help FB be, what it is today IS.    Customer Service is non existant.

At Google, you can easily get an account manager if you mean business.  At Facebook, especially if you are outside of the US, UK.  GOOD LUCK,  They turn a blind eye and told you to F*** OFF!    I’m sick and tired of Facebook, and their ridiculous approach to dealing with customers who ultimately are responsible for their billion dollar success many times over.

Or what about this?  You are running your online store; all is well.  Then one day, everything gets turned OFF.  You get a big red box saying you have violated our policy so we turned off your ads.       GEE GREAT! What policy did I violate?  How can I find out?     Send an email – never get a reply that’s how.    What if they’d tell us what policy we violated so we could fix that and move on spending more money on facebook ads?  No,  you violate the policy you are GONE.   Goodbye;  no second changes.   Your guess is as good as mine what policy you violated.

That’s it; facebook in a nutshell.  Investors beware,  Facebook could be worth more if they cared a tiny bit about their customers – but they don’t.    Investors, do you want to make big money on your Facebook stock?  Then how about you ask Mr Zuckerburg; the holiest nerd alive to care more about his customers!!





Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

7 thoughts on “Facebook Ads for Businesses – Worst Customer Service On the Planet?”

  1. Hello Attila
    It feels like you’re always waiting for something to arrive. …. But each moment is a new beginning. … I have read your every “BLOG” which has given me some kind of clarity or have hit really close to home.Keep it going brother you are helping lot of Beginners like me !!!. The only issue I am facing before executing the plans is “Best Cloaking Tool ” .I have messaged you on Linkedin on 17th June please suggest

  2. Hey bud, you put into words my feelings. But please don’t post without an image. I couldn’t share because facebook took Banners and Landers’ image as a thumbnail =)

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    • My account will not log in and I did not violate any rules. This is my error message “We’ll get in touch with you after we’ve reviewed your photo. You’ll now be logged out of Facebook as a security precaution.” Ive been waiting for quite some time to run my ads again. Is there anything you can do?

  4. Hi there! Really have never ever seen anything worse than facebook ads support. The worst of worst! They just don’t give a shit for anything. It’s like we’re begging for spending our money on them ! But why should we ? What’s the point of paying to get pissed off ?

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