Concerned about Google stock price falling? Well now You should be TERRIFIED!

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Since march 30th, Google introduced one of the most ill thought out policy changes we’ve ever witnessed.   As per their new advertising policies – NO LONGER can advertisers use call to actions (Click Here, Get App Name, Download App Name, Install App Name, Buy, Order, etc) in their advertising.

HOW is this a problem?    Well, you see what drives ad revenues (and ultimately Google’s profits) is how many times people click on advertising.       So, the ammount of ad inventory sold is directly connected to how many times a person clicks on an ad.    Now they took away the ability to use call to actions in advertising, so the number of times people click has gone done drastically.    All in the name of better user experience.     Sure brilliant, but what about investors’ experience?    With this move,  revenues are going down big time.  I know quite a few media buyers that were spending almost half a million dollars PER MONTH on adwords,  now they are struggling to spend $10,000.

How Am I Dealing with this, while I hope they backtrack and rethink this dumb policy change? — I am spending xxx,xxx per month ELSEWHERE!    Good for other advertising platforms, very very bad for Google shareholders!

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