, Google Admitted IT! “apparently our system is not working well. “

Google Admitted IT! “apparently our system is not working well. “

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Quick update:  So for the past few weeks we’ve been having one hell of a time getting ads approved.  They all keep getting rejected for this reason:

Disapproval Reason
[Image ads requirements] Unacceptable Image Content: Images in ads may not simulate the typical functions of a user’s computer. This includes presenting simulated operating system warnings, menus, moving and clicking arrows, or other graphics or messages intended to elicit clicks under false pretenses. Google also does not permit animated ads which include a game or contest played in order to win prizes or other compensation. This includes ads where users are encouraged to win or claim prizes by clicking on the ad. As outlined in our advertising terms and conditions, we reserve the right to exercise editorial discretion when it comes to the advertising we accept on our site.

Our banners however, do not violate these rules.    Luckily we have a very helpful person inside Google working with us to fix this problem,  and to do so we’re performing bunch of tests.  One of these tests included her redesigning our original banner and then having Policy team check, and manually approve it.

We then took that banner she designed which apparently met all their rules,  and created new campaigns with it only to have the banners disapproved and the reason being the same we always get.

At least we’re making progress, now google has admitted that “apparently our system is not working well. ” and hopeful will fix this soon.   We wasted a good 20 days out of this month trying various banner designs, only to have some approved, and then the same ones that got approved rejected.  But now that the problem has been identified, and Google admitted to it –  hopefully there’s a fix in the near future!



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