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Google Disapproved [Image ads requirements] Unacceptable Image Content – EXAMPLE

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Google’s March 30th developer changes mean NO MORE CALL TO ACTIONS.

You cannot write, download, play, get now, install, start game, etc.   You cannot call to action the visitor to click,  they must make the decision to click on their own, this is the new master plan to increase ‘user experience’

Here is example of a disapproved ad.  The reason is the button that says Download (Descargar).  It’s not animated, its branded, so its clearly the button.


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One thought to “Google Disapproved [Image ads requirements] Unacceptable Image Content – EXAMPLE”

  1. I’ve been following this google fiasco since it started. You are doing a great job in covering it, and sharing your insights. Thanks

    I have one message for Google…. Google, if you wan’t really high user experience – then remove ads altogether. No one likes ads, so since you are so concerned about user experience then by all means – do it right!!

    What you are doing right now is screwing your advertisers who made you the billions of dollars that allows you today to play god.

    I can’t wait to see what happens when your shareholders start getting pissed that ad revenues are down because you are not allowing call to actions. Which is absurd because you in your guides tell people how important call to actions are!

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