How Fiverr Can Improve Its User Experience

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Fiverr is a great place to go if you need some stuff you don’t always need.   Overall its pretty good, fast and efficient.  However having used it often,  there are some features that could really save time which I feel should be added.

  1.  Ability to Load Funds so you don’t have to go through the checkout process each and every time.This would help save 3 separate page visits, and allow us to order 20 gigs on the fly when we need to split test for example Teespring designers.

    Right now the only option to fund your account is a work around.     You order a gig say for $100 bucks, then you cancel, and the funds don’t get returned to paypal rather they get stuck in your fiverr account.  It’s kinda of cumbersome You have to do this ‘hack’ in order to fund your account to work more efficient I think.

  2. When you contact some gigs via the Contact Button, and they answer your questions and you feel they are going to do a good job,  now you have to go back to the gig you contacted from by clicking under THIS MESSAGE IS RELATED to, open that page, and click BUY.They could simply add an ORDER THIS GIG button at the page that shows the conversion no?

Thats all.

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