, Make Money Online Affiliate Blogs SUCK!

Make Money Online Affiliate Blogs SUCK!

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Let’s face it guys, there is a shitload of info out there on how to make money in affiliate marketing; most of it is just rehashed shit that gets rewritten by one guy from the next.   Yes they SUCK   Respect to the exception like Charles NGO;  but many run of the mill make money resources are horrible, and they don’t share any new information.

I want to be different… follow the greats like Dr Ngo!  So here it goes, bet not many cover it in detail as I do from experience.. more google developer policy info, and how it impacts us CPI guys!

The magnitude of google’s developer policy updates are being felt by CPI guys left right and center,  effectively all of the kick ass utility apps (Clean Master, KK Tune Up,  360 Security,  Du Speed Booster, Battery Saver, GP Market, and many more were paused).     As per the new rules, you cannot run any banners that have Call to Action on them telling a person What to Do  – that means you cannot have Download App, Install App,  Install, Download, Click Here,  Go There, etc because it violates the new developer policy.

OH now here’s The Irony; if you read any guides, or FAQs by the great Google guys, ie: Matt Cutts, or any other adwords group advisor – they all always praise the importance of clear and conscience call to actions.     How does this impact us all?  Well,  simple – CTR is down big time compared to before March 30th. (We can’t use clear CTAs!)      When CTR is down,  costs go up because your eCPM sucks – and all ad networks look at the effective cost per mille to decide who gets the volume of traffic!

Now for a little controversy…   Google reported a shitty Q1,  lower than wall street expectations – rattling the panties of all share holders world wide.  OMG OMG we gotta do something Google though.    Do no EVIL:  lets “disavow” call to actions from being used,  in turn making less people click, and that will make everyone have to pay more IF they want click volume.     Genius!!!    –Please sign off on Idea Mr CEO:    —SIGNED—  



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