, RANT:  Why don’t CPA Networks have reps in different time zones?

RANT: Why don’t CPA Networks have reps in different time zones?

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I’m sure if you live outside of the USA you can relate to this post I’m about to write.      I live in Eastern Europe,  and we follow the GMT+1 timezone here (CET),  that puts us 6 hours ahead of New York, and 9 hours ahead of Los Angeles.      When my office starts work at 8AM my reps at CPA Networks are asleep or just about to fall asleep.      Come 4PM our time,  the reps are just waking up, and will be heading to their office in about 2 hours.    So if I’m lucky, I can catch them around 5/6PM my time…   the time by which I have other things to do, and by when I may also be burnt out from having done a lot of work all day long.

Like today,  I have a bunch of creatives ready and ready to launch, all my reps at CPA Networks (not going to mention any names) are SLEEPING.   Now here I am,   waiting and waiting, instead of working and getting shit done.  WHY?  BECAUSE THE CPA NETWORKS HAVEN’T THOUGH OF HAVING REPS IN DIFFERENT TIME ZONES!

This is extremely frustrating, and it just shouldn’t be.     Anyway, though I’d share my rant to get the word out – CPA Networks you really need to get reps in different time zones, not all of us are Americans.

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3 thoughts on “RANT: Why don’t CPA Networks have reps in different time zones?”

  1. True that. I live in Eastern Europe too and it’s very difficult to communicate with reps at the time you need.

  2. hahah THANK YOU. SO frustrating waiting what feels like 2.day.5 JUST to take what you’re doing from “idle”. I push most of my work late at night and it’s not until 3-6pm the next day it goes out ( finally f*cking approved).

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