TopOffers & ProfitSocial – Your Top Networks for PUSH

, TopOffers & ProfitSocial – Your Top Networks for PUSH

DATING IS KILLING IT ON PUSH!  Are you getting a piece of the pie?   

We’ve been doing super well with PUSH traffic,  if you follow my blog you have read the awesome step by step guides on how to run PUSH I’ve published.  If you haven’t yet read them, you should just search for PUSH and see all the awesome how to tutorials on this awesome traffic source.

One of the verticals where PUSH does really well is DATING, and I have an awesome, awesome network for you with the best exclusive SOI & DOI dating offers out there.  

What’s SOI?

That’s single opt in, when all the user has to do is fill in their email, or phone number and you get paid. DOI is when a user has to double opt-in, by confirming that they do indeed want to be subscribed to the service.  I recommend SOI, it KILLS on PUSH.

For DATING offers,  TOPOFFERS is badass. They got so many offers in so many countries you really don’t need to go elsewhere.  Plus their reps are super friendly and can get you the best exclusive offers in no time, for us, we get many geos exclusively and cap out their daily requirements which is awesome == no competition!!!

This is how TOPOFFERS describes themselves:

TopOffers – premium CPA Network. Coverage of more than 50 countries based on PPL. Exclusive in-house dating affiliate program, direct offers in Dating, Cams, Games, Sweepstakes, Crypto, Forex and VAS verticals.

They have more than dating, but really kill it in the dating niche!!

Recently, they launched something called TopOffers & ProfitSocial; two solutions for affiliates to make more money.

I’m actually writing a guide on iAmAffiliate premium on how to run PUSH camps on Zeropark using SmartLinks just like PROFITSOCIAL has.

Smartlinks are fucking dope, because all you do is run traffic, and they test different landers/offers in the back and channel your incoming visitors to the ones most likely to convert.  Some call this new type of A.I. system programmatic buying, I just call it efficient affiliate marketing where you can focus on 1 thing, and that is optimizing your creatives/targeting on the traffic source with a tracker like redtrack and then having ProfitSocial do the backend stuff, test different prelanders, and offers to maximize the ROI from all of the traffic you send!

ProfitSocial – Smartlink platform.

150+ GEOs, 2000+ in-house & external offers. Dating, Cams, Games, Sweepstakes, Crypto, Forex and VAS verticals.

GOLDEN NUGGET:  Some additional traffic sources that work well for their offers are Facebook,  Native and Email.

What is great, is all you have to do is generate $100 bucks to get paid, they don’t hold your funds like many other CPA networks and require you to reach $500 minimum or worse; $1000 minimums.

Click here for a complete list of Offers in TopOffers & ProfitSocial

PS: Recently they bumped the payout for DEU SOI $4,5 for NaughtyDate,Gibsmir,BeNaughty, and GibmirSex

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2nd Level Optimization for ZeroPark Campaigns

, TopOffers & ProfitSocial – Your Top Networks for PUSH

This is a continuation of my previous optimization guide. 

If you haven’t read that one, it’s where we take a RON campaign and optimize it by breaking it down using a strategy we create based on what the data tell us. 

You can read that guide here.

To continue, I am now looking at the data from my 1st level optimization campaigns, all feeding into the same RedTrack campaign.

I looked at source IDs, target IDs, campaign IDs. I determined that we received a total of 338 leads, and we got 2 FTD’s – our ROI is around 80% pure profit. 

We are doing a budget of $100 per day. We want to look at our data again and see what jumps out and improve our numbers.

ZONE IDs, and TARGET IDs, didn’t produce any statistically significant information. For us (in this case, there weren’t 10 FTD’s from one campaign for us to know thats a winner for sure.)

So we have to look at the variables where we can ‘clean’ our campaigns. And this is CREATIVE ID

We do that by breaking our campaigns, down by creative ID.

We want to take the top 5 creatives for our 4 campaigns. We want to take the top by CR % so we extend everything, by clicking down arrow:

Then, we click the CR to sort it in descending, and we take the top 5 creatives and pause the rest.

Afterwards, we increase the budget from $100 to $200 per day and we let it run for 2-3 days and we check our data again.

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Guide How to Market Your Business & Get More Clients

, TopOffers & ProfitSocial – Your Top Networks for PUSH

We are in the world today that it can be challenging to spread the word about your business or your company.

So, I’m going to share these 2 ways on how to get more clients for your business.


Marketers nowadays may have just relied on digital way to market ones business, but the fact is, you have to be physically engaged to connect more with clients.

And here are some of the ways on how to do so:

a. Tell Family & Friends

There can’t be no other simple way to spread the word other than getting referrals through your family members and friends.

b. Local Neighborhood Councils or Events

As governments officials, it’s part of these local councils’ job to help businesses to succeed. So, let these local councils know about what services you offer and they would be able to help you market your business. As for events, attending to some events in your city is an extremely effective way to make connection and meet clients where you could engage and personally cater your services.

c. Ask Local Business or Restaurants To Leave Your Business Cards 

This strategy is simply asking the managers or the employees of these places if you can leave a couple of your business cards where they would be visible for customers who would come in.

d. Reaching out to your group (whether it’s from the church, gym, school batch mates, etc.)

There are some individuals who prefer working with people whom they already know. Like someone who is in their community. So, reaching out to these groups and letting them know what you do, can help spread the details about your business and you never know, these people will spread it out in their own groups as well and the rest follows.

e. Testimonials

Whenever you have completed a project with someone, make sure you get testimonials from these clients. When you see that they are happy and satisfied clients, simply ask them to give a shout out and leave their positive feedback on your website or other pages that you have. This helps to build up the reputation of your business because people do want to see proof.  Testimonials do work!

TIP: A tip on engaging to these potential clients, it would be advisable for you to create a pitch. As you go along and contact these companies, you would notice that there are pitches that would work and would not, so figure out a way that you can make a script or a pick up line that would work if not for all, at least majority of these potential clients.


This strategy may involve spending much money to advertise, but with the right ways, digital marketing if very effective as well.

Here are the ways to market your business in the digital world:

a. Facebook Ads (City)

 When your advertising a company like web design for example, make sure you target your specific city at first. Why? Because in targeting across the country, the odds of you getting the business is very low. The reason is, people your targeting in the city could feel more connected to you, than targeting people who are from the other side of the country. Once you have built stability of your business in your own city, then that could be the time to consider spreading into other cities nearby.

b. Google Ads (City)

For example is your targeting Nashville, Tennessee, see the screenshot below:

Advertising on Google may be quite costly, but with the right bidding and strategies, using Google to market your business is definitely one of the top of the list in digital marketing.

c. Create a Yahoo & Quora Questions

This may sound silly but to be honest, it can work! Posting questions on those 2 sites, like for example: “What are the best Design Companies in Berlin, Germany?”, then ask a friend or a couple of friends to answer the question with your service or business being mentioned together with your website in it. So, this is basically hitting 2 birds at once by having referrals and testimonials at the same time.

d. Join Forums & FB groups

Post on FB groups related to your services but not in a spammy way. There are tons of people out there who can easily get banned by these groups and forums because they post services even when it’s not allowed to. So, basically post when there are people who ask, or only in threads where it’s allowed to post services.

e. Create a Location on Google Maps

This right here is extremely important! a lot of people type in locations as they search for services that they need. So, creating a location on Google Maps for your business is a great contribution in marketing.

f. Create an Account on Local Business Directory Websites

Make sure that you provide necessary details about your business as you enlist. Details such as your website, local address, phone number, email address and all that stuff.

g. Hire an SEO Company

Most of you probably do not have enough time because you are focusing on other aspects of the business, then these SEO companies would be able to help you come up with keywords what you should focus on.

h. Write Blog Posts in Your Website

Write some helpful contents that people would search about and put it up on your site, and you never know who would comes across your site and they would see that you provide services as the same time.

In general, what I would say here is that physical presence is a great way to earn money because these clients would see a higher level of effort being exerted by just simply physically being there in front of them and offering your services.

As for digital marketing, since we are now in the generation that computers and mobile phones are a part of our everyday lives, marketing in a digital way is an important key for a successful business.

So, balancing both Physical and Digital marketing can only result to bringing you more profit!