Introducing MEGAPU.SH – An Awesome PUSH Traffic Source for 2019!

PUSH is all the craze right now, there’s tons of sources popping up every single day.¬† But do they have VOLUME?¬† ¬†Are they reliable?

If you purchased The Most Epic $1 Guide to Running Sweeps on PUSH Traffic then you already know MEGAPUSH has insane amount of PUSH traffic volume they have.   PUSH traffic on desktop & mobile that works like a CHARM for sweeps style offers!

In case you haven’t seen the guide..¬† In my $1 guru course – I took you through step by step on how to run a campaign starting with ZERO and building it from scratch – planning, spying, getting creatives, setting up tracker, settting up campaign on MegaPush, looking at data, optimizing and scaling.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Sadly, the course is SOLD OUT. Well not really, but I decided to stop selling it because the administrative work required was insane.¬† ¬†Anyway,¬† the guide will be FREE in a couple of weeks and posted online once the people that did buy milk the secrets within!

In the meantime.   I recommend you give a whirl.  If you need help running campaigns, my good friends at STM Forum will hold your hand and walk you through running a campaign with MegaPush.

2019 IS THE YEAR for PUSH.¬† ¬†Google didn’t ban it yet,¬† you can run stuff uncloaked (so yes, you can test diet, skin, casino, crypto, muscle, ed, what have you) without worrying that your account will die.¬† This is important.¬† FB has gone bezerk,¬† SNAPCHAT ads is INSTABAN when you create an ad and it gets disapproved and Adwords; well it’s not for the faint hearted.

Lucky for you, my awesome friends at MEGAPU.SH decided to hook everyone up with top-up bonuses.¬† So if you load $100, you’ll get an extra $50 – now you have $150.¬† Simple math right?¬† ¬†All you have to do is hit up Ani via these contacts:Telegram: @anihovak
Email:¬† she’ll hook you up!¬†¬†Please, make sure you mention that you’ve heard about the deal from IamAttila.
Now here are the ‘features’.
Unlike other advertising platforms, offers: 
  • High-quality traffic in massive amounts where no cloaking is required!
  • Ability to send push notifications to any country of your choice (huge voluum all over the world!)
  • More than 7 million daily clicks (for cheap!)
  • High conversion rate if you use killer landers/offers.
  • Easy usage: it takes only 10 minutes to get a campaign approved.
  • Unlike other traffic sources,¬† ¬†ads get approved SUPER FAST (you’ll see)
  • Ability to track conversions from the ad panel itself.
  • Convenient price for payment with CPC model (0.001$ is lowest cost)
  • You can even make money if you send your super affiliate friends – 3%¬†from their deposits.
  • Direct delivery to the user‚Äôs device that eliminates the possibility of bot traffic.
  • Highly qualified customer support service.

PS: If you read this far, I’ve got a deal for you.¬† ¬† ¬†Send me an email to (IMPORTANT U SEND TO THAT EMAIL!)¬† and include your Facebook Page URL.¬† ¬†You will automatically be entered to win one of 20 – $50 FREE credit vouchers to test MegaPushTIP: If you win, you can load $100, get $50 bonus AND get the $50 free voucher = now you have $200 and more chance to earn money with PUSH traffic.

Affiliate Marketing, Working for Yourself and ADHD

Here’s my Desk

I don’t know if I shared this before, but maybe I have.. I honestly can’t remember.¬† ¬†I believe I have ADHD.¬† ¬†My mind is always racing, I have a billion plus one ideas, and when I start to do something; in the middle of it I’ll get a new idea and I’ll jump and do that. Then forget what I was doing before it.

It was like this, until one day I was reading QUORA on how to control ADHD.

In affiliate marketing,¬† working for ourselves we’re pretty much free to do whatever the hell we want.¬† We can work 30 minutes, then go out for a run, come back work some more.¬† Hop down to the coffee shop grab a starbucks, whatever.

To launch campaigns, we gotta plan, we gotta spy, we have to talk to CPA reps, we have to setup tracker, we have to get all the landing pages together, we need to setup on the traffic source.  Shit we need to do so much, if you suffer with ADHD or something where you lose focus Рlaunching a campaign can become a HUGE chore.

What I read on QUORA over a year ago, and have been using ever since has helped me stay ‘grounded’ so I get shit done, even though there’s soo many distractions (like let me tell you one… while talking to the rep, about what offer to run in geo X,¬† he might mention they are doing well in this one, so then i’d jump to see what kind of ads and landers people are running, totally getting off track).

This method I’ve read on quora, is getting an empty piece of paper (I use A4 format) and writing your todo list on it with a pen.¬† ¬† #1)¬† Upload Banners&Landers campaign from fiverr that the twinad chicks made¬† #2)¬† See if the ad I’ve setup yesterday on FB is approved for sweeps..¬† ¬† 3)¬† Find an old database of email lists from 5 years ago and see if we can use it somehow¬† ¬†.. etc etc etc.

If i get off track, I have my trusty white piece of paper with my list on it, right in front of me.     And I can continue with all the sub-tasks needed in it.

Before using this method with success, I tried using WRIKE to stay organized.¬† I tried using TRELLO (which we use for my team, because I have a trusty project manager that is an organizational “Doctor”)¬† .. but for me personally none of this shit worked because I forgot to use them.

Anyway,  try this tip if you too experience problems with focus and getting things done effectively.