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How To Run Pay Per Call Debt Offers On Youtube Ads [Step By Step]

Have you ever wondered how those big super affiliates are making fortunes promoting Pay Per Call Offers with YouTube Ads? 

Well, you’re in the right place because today we’re going to unveil how you can make money by running Pay Per Call campaigns on Youtube Ads. In this step by step guide you will learn everything you need to turn those Youtube clicks into hard cash! 

So let’s get down to business!

What Is Pay Per Call And How It Works

Pay per call affiliate marketing is gaining big traction in the affiliate world, and there’s a good reason for it. 

You can think of it as a cousin to CPA marketing, but instead of users submitting a form, the desired action is a simple phone call.

It is a type of advertising and performance marketing model that links businesses with potential customer calls. The Advertisers can set certain parameters before paying for a call. They might want to know where the caller is from, how long the call lasts, and even the buttons pressed on the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). 

So basically how it works is, advertisers set up a special tracking number and lay down the rules for a call to count as a conversion. If the publisher sends potential customers who meet these requirements using that unique tracking number, then they get paid, simple as that.

Choosing Offers To Promote

For affiliate marketers, picking the right vertical and offer is crucial for success, and the same goes for Pay Per Call. There are plenty of verticals in this game. If you’re not sure which one to go for, start with a basic home service niche. 

Now, there are loads of affiliate networks out there, but not all are the same, and not all are good to be honest. So my advice is to join as many as you can to test to find offers that work the best for you. 

When it comes to picking the best verticals, caller intent plays a huge role, and time sensitive verticals tend to perform well in pay per call. Personally, I recommend focusing on large national pay per call campaigns, like financial services (debt, tax help, mortgages/personal loans).

Other verticals that work well with Pay Per call are home services (emergency plumbers, handymen, carpet cleaning), health (dentists, personal trainers, CrossFit), insurance (auto, life, health, home) and legal (lawyers, bail bonds).

Honestly, the options are limitless. If someone can book a service over the phone, there’s likely a pay per call offer for it. The key is finding what clicks for you in this diverse field.

You should also check out the Pay Per Call section on OfferVault.

Pay per call offers and networks
How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 18

and join affiliate marketing forums such as iAmAffiliate, to see what other successful PPC marketers are running, and what is working the best for them. You can get so much value and useful info on these forums.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 19

Another great way to find proven and winning offers is by using spy tools and see what works for other marketers.

Creating Ads For Your Youtube Campaign

When it comes to advertising on Youtube Ads, no matter what verticals you’re running, the AD is the most important component of your entire campaign. So you need to know how to create great video ads that convert.

YouTube’s got this framework they call ABCD, a data-backed guide for whipping up killer video ads. Here’s the lowdown on what makes a YouTube ad great:

  • Attract: Grab attention in the first five seconds using tight framing, speedy pacing, surprises, and real people on screen.
  • Brand: Slap your product or offer into the spotlight within those first five seconds. Whether it’s through text, visuals, or sound, make it stick. Even having actors drop your brand name creates a positive vibe for Ad Recall and Consideration.
  • Connect: Make viewers feel something about your brand by integrating function and emotion together. Get those emotions flowing, and let the audience relate to the video.
  • Direct: Now, encourage viewers to take action. Throw in special offers, create a sense of urgency, and hit them with clear directions like “Call Now” or “Learn More” It’s the final push to get them moving.

To find inspiration and come up with ideas and angles for your ads, check out what your competitors are doing. Look at the videos that are doing well for them and take inspiration to create your own ads. 

To do that you will need some kind of spy tool that allows you to find your competitor’s ads on Youtube.

There are many spy tools out there, right now we use VidTao for Youtube.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 20

Using VidTao is easy. You can simply search for keywords related to your niche, like “debt” “credit card debt” “debt-relief”. Alternatively, if you have a specific offer in mind, just plug in the offer URL. This way, you can see what others are up to with the same offer. It’s like peeking behind the scenes to get some practical ideas.

Invest some time to look around, browse through all the ads, and search for patterns. This is crucial because it helps you fine tune your ads and discover more good ads to draw inspiration from. 

Once you get some inspiration and ideas for your ads, there are many lightweight video editors out there you can use, such as Capcut, or Lumen5 if you need stock footage and stuff.

Creating a Landing Page For Your Campaign

When it comes to Pay Per Call Campaigns, you have 2 options, you can go with direct linking straight to the offer page, or you can use landing pages. 

However, it’s almost always better to have a landing page with your phone number, or it’s even better to have multiple landing pages (2-3) so you can split test them to see which one performs the best and give you the most conversions.

Like you can use an advertorial style landing page, a survey style and a very engaging chatbot style landing page, and rotate these landers to test them against each other and see which style works the best, right from the beginning.

Another huge benefit of using landers is that you can offer your visitors different ways to become leads. For example they can choose to join a mailing list, fill out a lead form, or simply gather more info about the offer before deciding to call. 

Some networks will provide pre landers that you can use and some won’t. However I think the best thing you can do is always do competitive research just like for the ads and offers.

In this case when you’re spying for landing pages, you can expand your search to other traffic sources as well. For example, you can use the Facebook Ad Library to find landers on facebook, or Adplexity to see what you can find on native traffic sources. 

You don’t have to focus on Youtube only, the goal is to find landers that are already proven to work by other marketers. If you see they spend a lot on an LP, it means that it’s working, otherwise they would not be running it.

So, fire up some spy tools, spend some time finding landers that others are running, try to change them a little bit to make them unique, changing the headlines, text here and there, and the images are usually enough to have your own unique lander.

Tracking Setup

When you’re running campaigns as an affiliate or even if you’re working for a client, having a pay per call tracking solution is super important. Right now, we’re working with Ringba. 

Pay per call tracker
How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 21

Ringbai is an inbound call tracking solution/platform specifically designed for tracking Pay Per Call campaigns.

If you haven’t got an optimized RTB integrated ring-tree setup, where the buyers are already optimized, you’ll have to go for a different approach. 

Create a campaign where you manually add each offer, setting up a unique phone number for each one and integrating it with your tracking system.

Now, this process can get extremely complex. Freelancers in the USA might charge over $2000 to set this up for you. 

SO, What I did was hire a full-time employee to handle all the tech integrations, conversion API, pixels, data sources on traffic sources, along with custom landing pages and make it work like a charm with Ringba.

But here’s the deal:  now you can work with my guy at BannersLanders. We can handle all the integrations for a few hundred bucks and save you THOUSANDS. So you can get the job done easily without breaking the bank 🙂  

Other than that, we’re also using Redtrack as our front end tracker to track actual creatives such as ads and landing pages.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 22

A third party tracker such as Redtrack also allows us to rotate our landing pages and see all the data we need to decide which one performs the best, and what we need to do to make them better. Same with the ad creatives.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 23

Campaign Setup in Google Ads

So here we go, the next step is setting up our Youtube Ads campaign. If you have any experience with Google Ads, this is going to be easy peasy for you.

The first thing you need to do before you can launch the campaign is to create a Conversion Action in Google Ads. To do that, go to goals and click on New Conversion Action.

Pay per call conversions action
How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 24

Then select phone calls and ‘’calls to a phone number on your website’’

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 25

Then enter a conversion name, set a value and enter the phone number.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 26

The next step is the Call Length, Attribution and Window. Here you need to set a call length, 60 seconds for example, the attribution to Data Driven, and click-through window to 30 days.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 27

Then finish the conversion action setup.

Next you can create a new campaign, select leads as the campaign objective, choose the conversion action you just created, and video for the campaign type.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 28
How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 29

After that you need to name your campaign and select your target GEO.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 30

Then your bidding strategy and daily budget. In the beginning I recommend starting your campaigns with the Maximize conversions bidding strategy, and later when you have some data and got your KPIs, you can adjust it in a new campaign.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 31

Here’s an important thing: When you run pay per call you need to consider call center work hours. You can’t just run 24/7 as then a bunch of calls won’t get answered. So you need to set up an ad schedule based on call center hours!

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 32

The next step is the audience and targeting section. Now this is the interesting part where you can create custom audiences.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 33

You can create custom segments from search activities or visit a website and this can be a game changer.

How to run pay per call debt offers on youtube ads [step by step] 34

Later when you find winning audiences you can also add your data, so basically retarget them, and create similar audiences to scale that way.

And the final step is creating your ads by selecting your videos.

Monitor and Optimize Pay Per Call Campaigns

Once your campaign is up and running, you need to give it a day or two depending on your budget before you can start optimizing it. But during this time, keep monitoring it to ensure everything works well, especially keep a close eye on tracking.

After that, let’s start with the ‘front-end’ optimization. Analyze the data you got and use that info to gauge the performance of your ads and landing pages. Check the results of your split tests, which lander performs the best? Which ads? And so on.. Take action based on what the data is telling you.

To figure out which video ads hit the sweet spot, experiment with different variations. Tweak parts like hooks, clips, their order, the text, or music to see what works best. Even small changes can make big differences in performance, so it’s worth playing around and testing many variants to find the winning combos.

On YouTube, you’ve got options like TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView discovery ads, and bumper ads. Test out different formats to see which one is giving you the best results.

Also test various target audiences as I mentioned in the campaigns setup section. Analyze them and see which audience segments come out on top. These winners can then be your go-to for scaling up the campaign. It’s all about testing and finding winners.

Since we’re running Pay Per Call campaigns we also need to work on the ‘back-end’ optimization, in our case in Ringba. Call tracking platforms like Ringba allow you to post back data to Google ads by ad group or keyword level so you can see what gives you the best results.

Call tracking also allows you to monitor call curation, call volume and other key metrics related to calls. And then you can see which ads and targeting parameters are driving the most calls and revenue. 

You also need to check the call logs in Ringba to see if there are any errors like for example if some calls were not connected then learn why, or why some calls didn’t convert, and so on.

Also listen back to the recordings of the calls that didn’t convert and try to figure out why. Use this data to make data-driven decisions on how to optimize your campaign to improve results.

How To Scale Your Campaigns

Before you jump into scaling up your campaigns, it’s crucial to understand why testing and scaling is super important. The thing is, not every campaign is a winner, obviously.  

Some might give you a headache with super high conversion costs, low conversions, or expensive clicks. Testing a bunch of campaigns helps you figure out which ones shine and have the potential to grow big. It’s like sorting through the crowd to find the real  superstars.

So to scale Youtube Ad campaigns, first you should test multiple campaigns, then pause the underperforming ones, and scale the successful ones. For this you can even use low budget campaigns such as $10 per day, but make sure to have as many campaigns as you can, I mean like 10-30 campaigns.

This strategy lets you try different targeting groups and video ads. After a few days, you will check how these campaigns are doing, knowing upfront that not all of them will hit the jackpot.

Once we spot the campaigns that are bringing in good results, it’s time to give them a boost. We do this by slowly bumping up the budget for the successful ones, keeping a close eye on how they perform to make sure the good results keep rolling in. 

Boosting the budgets of these campaigns helps us to reach a wider net and possibly for more conversions. Plus, it’s key to keep adding new campaigns into the mix. Launching fresh campaigns with different targeting and video ads broadens our horizons, uncovering more chances for success. 

This constant cycle of testing, checking performance, and adding in new campaigns guarantees that our YouTube ads efforts keep growing and hitting the mark. It’s like keeping the momentum going for continuous success.


In wrapping up our guide on how to run successful Pay-Per-Call campaigns on YouTube Ads, the strategy boils down to a dynamic process of testing, optimizing, and scaling. 

By testing various campaigns with different targeting and ad variations, identifying the winners, and gradually increasing their budgets, we can tap into a broader audience and find more and more winners.

The key lies in adaptability, consistently analyzing performance, and being prepared to change directions for long-term success.

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