, Teegrasp.com is a scam!  Affiliates Beware!

Teegrasp.com is a scam! Affiliates Beware!

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T-SHIRT AFFILIATES BEWARE!! TEEGRASP is a scam! They refused to cancel my account since my first request on December 1st, 2015, my second request on February 1st, and now after taking prepayment for April on April 1st.

The owner is a thief; who gives stupid excuses and ignores your request. HORRIBLE customer service.

I am posting this here because I tried to reason with the guy and I explained to him I’ve asked to cancel for ever; but he just plays dumb and keeps referencing it says this and that in the terms. Like HUH? I can’t cancel since December and he keeps taking 97$ per month from me?

Pass it on to friends who also do teespring marketing.

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4 thoughts on “Teegrasp.com is a scam! Affiliates Beware!”

  1. Similar story with them. Signed up for a 3 day trial and canceled my account during day 2 (using the cancel button on the website). The account wasn’t canceled and I was charged like $127. Tried to contact support and never even got a reply. Had to cancel it in paypal.

  2. I cancelled and got a refund. My issue was there were bugs in the software. I realise how hard programming is, so have some compassion.

  3. I have been having the same problem with them for three months running. Today is the third month they are getting me billed $97 after I had requested for cancellation. We need to have a way of dealing with those guys. Do you know which country they are located?

  4. Had very similar issue. Clicked the cancel link and it said something about not being able to cancel my automatic payments. Then tried using their live help chat and pretty quickly was connected with a support person. Told him I wanted to cancel – he asked for my email. I gave it, then the chat window closed all of a sudden AND the “CHAT WITH SUPPORT” link went away as well that was on the website. Refreshed the website, it was no where to be found. Tried different browser, and the chat link showed up fine. Then asked to cancel again and EXACT same thing happened. Finally ended up just emailing them to get cancelled. What a f’n PAIN!

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