$199 Dollar Giveaway! – Angles you can use RIGHT NOW to make some Moola with CPIs! [DU Battery Saver]

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I paid $199 dollars and ordered angle creation service for the DU Battery Saver offer from Anglesaurus A company that comes up with angles for you, so you don’t have to get a headache thinking!  

This is what they came out with,  including full due diligence,  problems of the target audience and then angles.   Not bad eh?

Two types of affiliate will benefit from using the services of Anglesaurus.

1) The not so creative one, who gets a headache thinking about angles, and doesn’t want to do all the foot work in due diligence, and identifying problems of the target audience.

2) The super affiliate, who knows exactly the problems of their target demo, and already has a ton of angles, but wants a fresh drop of water in the glass to potentially get more ideas,  new fresh take on the thing.    (So yes, I use this service to supplement my own ideas with additional ideas to test, test test)

Target audience:

Android based devices have seen a steady grow in the past few years. The Android mobile operating system will have one billion users by the end of 2014, according to a new report from Gartner. So, there are plenty of people who are in the target audience, but, out of all of them not everyone is interested in battery saving apps. Those who are tech savvy probably already have something they are using, but those who are not need to.

So, there are a few kinds of people that should be targeted:
those who have problems with their android phone and don’t know how to fix it
those who know what they need but don’t know which app they need
those who don’t realize there is a problem (they should be made aware of it)
those who don’t have any problems (they should be made aware of the fact that there could be some problems)

Problems of the target audience:

Since the app focuses on battery life, those with that problem are the target audience. So the problems could be, phones turning off at the important moments (calls, games, music…), frequent usage of the charger and so on. There are plenty of things that could go wrong if a phone shuts down at an inappropriate moment, ranging from dates going wrong, missing important meetings, being late, not being able to contact anyone, etc. There are also problems when a person has to go out and the battery is very low, wasting time on charging it is a no go. Plenty of problems which the audience might be facing, and using them all would take countless angles, so, sticking to the most common ones is the best approach since they encapsulate the biggest number of people.

Thinking about the angles:

Obviously, the angles have to focus on the battery life, so, the angles should be insightful and give out information on how the audience can boost the battery life of their android. Angles should focus on how easy to use the apps is, on how it can be useful in avoiding stressful situations when the battery empties out.
Maybe even some angles with a warning, those should be good as well.
Some of the angles should praise the app, things like … cutting edge, top notch, essential, top of the line etc.


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