31 Angles with High CR Rates For Your Mobile Media Buys

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, 31 Angles with High CR Rates For Your Mobile Media BuysThe angles are brought to you by Anglesaurus Angles that Bite!

In case you never heard of Anglesaurus, it is a service provided by very creative people for those who have problems coming up with angles on their own for different offers.

The following angles work best for antivirus type offers on mobile,   especially content billers.

For the best effect combine scary looking graphics 😉

1) You may be infected with a virus – Scan Now
2) One virus may be slowing you down! Scan now!
3) Protect your phone from viruses – Immunize Now!
4) Scan for viruses now! Start Scan
5) Worried about viruses? Scan now!
6) Worried about privacy? Remove malware
7) Worried about trojans? Protect your phone
8) Hackers use outdated software to get in your phone! Run a scan now
9) Don’t get hacked! Protect your phone now
10) Hackers are evil! Is your phone protected? Get app
11) Free up more space – Clean Trash & Junk
12) Want more storage? This app can help!
13) Speed Up Your Phone! Get rid of junk – Get app
14) Block unwanted calls! Get this smart app
15) Browse the net with true privacy – Get 360 Security
16) Block unwanted SMS Senders – Get 360 Security
17) Uninstall apps with easy – Install app
18) Protect your data from theft! Get app now
19) Protect your pictures! Scan for viruses
20) Did you know? 3982 Android phones are infected daily! Are you safe?
21) Is your phone safe? Protect it from hackers NOW!
22) Keep your contact list backed up! 360 Security can help
23) Don’t lose your contacts, photos, music collection every again! Get app
24) Are you backing up? Get app
25) Is your phone backed up? This app can do it!
26) Easy Backups – Get app
27) Run Diagnostics Scan now! Speed Up Phone
28) Phone freezing? You might have a virus!
29) Phone lagging? You need to scan your phone
30) Games lagging? This app can help
31) Websites loading slowly? You need to clean out junk!

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  1. Hey man,

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Nice upgrade to your blog. I like it. But as a suggestion, I would implement Discuss as my comment choice because it’s easier to comment for all of us.

    Keep it up!

  2. I have visited anglesaurus’ website quite often the last couple of months, but it has been inactive all this time. Do you know if it isn’t possible to order their services right now, or is there another way to place an order – such as email or Skype?

  3. Anyway to talk to the Anglesaurus people via skype??? I sent them an email but for some reason I don’t think they got it because its been a few days and no reply yet. I need some ideas for pay per call!

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