Adcombo’s newest Challenge Allows Affiliate Marketers to Win TWO (2) Tesla’s!

Adcombo's newest Challenge Allows Affiliate Marketers to Win TWO (2) Tesla's!

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Win A Tesla? YES! Challenge is open to affiliate marketers right now! If you never took part in affiliate challenges before, here’s one you don’t want to miss fun prize giveaway contest. 

This is fair game for ANY affiliate, big or small.

How it works is you get tokens everytime you generate XXXX in revenue.    Of course, the more tokens you have the higher your chance of winning, but that doesn’t mean You can’t win if you are a small affiliate.

Adcombo's newest Challenge Allows Affiliate Marketers to Win TWO (2) Tesla's!

In fact,  a HUGE shock came to the guy from Serbia (yea the tiny little country of Serbia and not SIBERIA in Russia) that didn’t even attend the giveaway party for Porsche in Dubai when he heard the news he WON A PORSCHE!!  

He didn’t think he could, because he wasn’t by any means the top affiliate in the competition, but he did!!!  

Watch this video from their final contest to see how cool it was!

ANYONE with a token can WIN a TESLA!! ANYONE!!

I love Adcombo,  I’ve been working with them for many many years.     What stood out for me is how they have everything prepared, all the pre-landers, offer pages, and multiple different angles. 

One of the least favorite things about affiliate marketing at least for me is WAITING ON CREATIVES to be ready. ARGHH this can take DAYS depending on how busy your designer or outsourcing company is.   With Adcombo there’s no wait.    You ask your rep which offers to run, which 2 prelanders, which offer page.  They will tell you:  Run Offer X, use prelander 482 and 382 as it works best on your traffic source, and run it to offer page 888.   

You then grab the link, throw it in your tracker and BOOM ready to launch!!  

When I ran the 1.7 million dollar COD campaign in Asia, I had the exact same 2 video ads.  We’d just slap a different flag on it, and change the wordage on top of it and bulk launch every single day 20 different ad accounts on FB and kill the losers, leave the winners rinse n repeat by making variants. 

SIDENOTE: That’s actually how the big affiliate teams do it today too… except they launch 100 ad accounts a day since 80 get banned instantly LOL. 

Anyways,   if you want to win a tesla,   sign up with Adcombo and take part in this challenge.  The terms are in your favor.

Adcombo's newest Challenge Allows Affiliate Marketers to Win TWO (2) Tesla's!

Here’s an overview of why ADCOMBO IS f**** AWESOME!!!

-They either own the offers in house, or they work direct and do not re-broker from a middle man. 

-They focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 low-competitive GEOs  (Europe, Asia, LATAM) which means less problems with compliance, less competition, and more profits. 

-Truly Exclusive offers (They own 80% of them and thats a fact)

-They pay Twice a week (via PayPal, Wire, WebMoney, etc)

-They accept every kind of traffic including Social, Display, Native, Push, SMS, Email and more.

-Adcombo provides affiliates with ready-made creative materials. I am repeating myself.. lol 

-FAST translations using the affiliate dashboard for their affiliates.  This is awesome, translations can cost a fortune adcombo lets you get it done fast and easily.

-The sign up forms are optimized so the conversion rate is HIGH on the offer pages.  They only ask for name and phone number usually, nothing else. 

-Their offers convert like fire because of a simple 3 Step Cash on Delivery model (oder – phone call confirmation – confirmed lead paid to affiliate)

-They use Local call centers that are native to the country

-Their aff managers know their stuff, they don’t just hire hot ladies for eye candy.  Adcombo reps are experts in the internet marketing world, and got quite a bit of connections to help you get ad accounts,  get you competitive insights and give you tips how to scale up when you hit a winner. 

More about The TeslaVision Contest:

TeslaVision is the newest challenge by AdCombo.  It officially launched in February 2021 and will run till Dec 1, 2021, 00:00 UTC. 

Their previous competition gave away Porsches, you can see the winners and see the event footage right here:

This time with TeslaVision they are going to be giving away two cars, a Tesla Model X and a Tesla Model 3.  They will also raffle away a money prize and many kick ass luxury items like Rolex Watches, iPhones and other cool stuff. 

This is what you need to do to get started:

– Drive traffic to any of the AdCombo offers. Every time you hit $10k in revenue with COD offers or $20k with other flows you get 1 Elon

This is too funny but they named the tokens for the contest, ELONS.  

The TOP 50 participants in the contest will be invited to the Grand Party (TBA) and then lady luck will decide who wins the prizes through a raffle!

This is how the pick the winners:   All the “ELONS” will be put in a lottery drum at the Party and the prizes are raffled. 

Tesla Model X raffles among the Top-5, Tesla Model 3, money prize and minor prizes – among the Top-50

All the fine print is available here.


Adcombo is a legendary affiliate marketing network that feels like Family.   They always paid on time, and helped with cash flow whenever we were scaling a campaign.  I remember with our crazy COD unicorn a few years back, they pre-funded payouts just so we don’t let the traffic stop. 

AdCombo – CPA Affiliate Network that can help you to monetise your traffic since 2014.

  • They work with direct offers only we work only with direct offers (COD, CPS, CPA, CPI, CPL)
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 low-competitive GEOs  (Europe, Asia, LATAM)
  • Truly Exclusive offers (They we own 80% of them)
  • Twice a week payouts (PayPal, Wire, WebMoney etc)
  • Wide range of verticals (health, beauty, diet, adult etc)
  • All traffic types are accepted 
  • We provide our affiliates with ready-made creative materials. (landing and prelandings)
  • In-house translation agency, that can translate your creative materials
  • Easy to fill-in customer form which doesn’t effect your conversation rate 
  • 3 Step Cash on Delivery model (oder – phone call confirmation – confirmed lead )
  • Local callcenters 
  • Helpful affiliate managers which can make a newbie a pro 
  • Contests among our affiliates 

TeslaVision – new challenge by AdCombo has kicked off in February and will run till Dec 1, 2021, 00:00 UTC. The previous Posh’n’Porsche challenge has ended with a massive party in Dubai at the end of last year, where among other prizes two Porsches found their owners. 

This time with TeslaVision we will have three major prizes: Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3, and a lavish money prize!  What else? A star chance to have an electric time at the TeslaFest Party and an assortment of minor prizes in the drawing!

Key aspects of the Challenge:

– Drive traffic to all AdCombo offers and exchange your leads to Elons (Elon is the challenge point of TeslaVision) that will later turn into chips for the prize drawing! 

  • Only TOP 50 participants will be invited to the Party and take their chances at the prize drawing
  • All the chips are put in a lottery drum at the Party and the prizes are raffled. Each of the TOP 50 participants can win 1 major prize (a car or money prize) and 1 minor prize;
  • Tesla Model X is ruffled among TOP 5 participants and Tesla Model 3, money and minor prizes – among TOP 50. 

Take a trip to the TeslaVision info page for more info.

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

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