Converting your audience into customers is always a hard thing to do. Doing it effectively so that it’s both beneficial and profitable is a lot more difficult. But there are methods of doing this in minutes with a few clicks. There are special affiliate networks that provide you with the opportunity to grow your campaigns and make some nice money off of them. One of the best affiliate networks, if not the best, is AdsEmpire

What is AdsEmpire?

AdsEmpire is a growing affiliate network with a lot of potential. It is constantly growing and improving and the skilled team behind it is always pushing out new tech and features that make affiliate marketing that much easier.  Their ultimate goal is to help you monetize 100% of your traffic through direct CPA offers and Smartlinks!

AdsEmpire offers a wide selection of profitable verticals that are bound to get you excited and going. You can focus on proven verticals as dating, games, crypto, or sweepstakes, or try others that might fit you better.

One thing you won’t have to worry about is the traffic itself. They accept traffic from all over the world. AdsEmpire doesn’t accept any fraudulent, chat, or incentive traffic. The traffic also needs to follow their corporate rules and not violate any policies put on by the platform itself or its advertisers. This ensures that the traffic stays real and of high quality. 

Performance Marketing for the Pros: AdsEmpire Review

Joining AdsEmpire

Joining this incredible platform is easy and quick. You can join as one of three things. As a CPA network affiliate, Smartlink Affiliate, or advertiser

Signing up is easy. You will have to enter your basic details like name, email, company name, website, and others. Depending on what you are trying to sign up for, you might get asked for some specific information that you will need to provide. 

The process of approving your account starts as soon as you enter all of your details. The team behind AdsEmpire checks your data and makes sure that it’s real. This whole process can take up to 48 hours. But it’s often done much sooner. The team is always there to answer any of your questions and give you updates on your account or tips on running your campaigns. 

What Makes it Different?

AdsEmpire has a lot of work to prove itself as a valuable partner for marketers. This is why they offer some incredible features and advantages that other platforms just can’t quite match. 

Some of their biggest advantages are:

  • Possibility to run CPA offers and Smart Links at the same time without any issues. 
  • CPA offers have exclusive direct worldwide offers available
  • SmartLinks have multiple offers in one. The advanced algorithms monetize close to 100% of your traffic. 
  • Automatic LP optimizations that can point out the LP weak points and help you optimize it for the best results
  • Great offers, users have access to incredible high converting offers from a range of verticals
  • Worldwide availability (over 50 countries are supported!)

What About Payments?

Performance Marketing for the Pros: AdsEmpire Review

Payments are made simple and fast thanks to the systems in place. Usually, the payments are monthly but you can upgrade your account to support weekly payments. This upgrade is usually done after you reach a weekly traffic volume that exceeds a specific sum. Currently, that sum is around $2000 for Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, and other methods. 

If you stay at monthly payments, then you will have to accumulate at least $250 for WebMoney,Bitcoin,QIWI,,Capitalist  until you can get your money from the platform. These prices can change with time so don’t take them as gospel if you are reading this review a few months after it’s released. All in all, payments are very competitive and you shouldn’t have any trouble with it at all. 

Meetups and Awards

Awards are important for every company. They are proof that what they are doing is good and that their efforts are recognized by the community. This is why the first award for AdsEmpire is so important. During the Affiliate Grand Slam award ceremony at Dubai, they received the award for best marketing solution provider of the year. The team is very proud of this achievement and they are sure that this won’t be the last award in their portfolio!

AdsEmpire wants to get to know its users, and what better way to do this than organize meetups! A few weeks ago, AdsEmpire organized its biggest meetup yet. On the 25th of May, this affiliate network alongside Conversion Club joined affiliates from all over the globe in an epic event in Dubai at a luxurious yacht. Here new partnerships were made, people had fun, and experiences were shared. Meetups like this are the perfect way to meet the industry leaders and connect with people you usually wouldn’t have the chance to. 

If you are just finding out now about this incredible meetup, don’t worry, there are a lot of others on the way!

AdsEmpire is also known for sponsoring events. One of these events will take place from June 16th to June 18th in Mexico. AdsEmpire is about to sponsor ClickBid Tulum and you should come along for the ride! You can meet with people from the industry, find out new things, and create business partnerships that you never even dreamed of, and of course, there will be tequila!

To Summarize Things

AdsEmpire is a new and constantly growing marketing platform. It focuses 

We`re working on private flow with Top Affiliates and  Advertisers and now we came to the public.

Meet AdsEmpire, your trusted partner in Performance Marketing!

This CPA Network has everything you need:

  • Exclusive and Direct offers that you cannot find anywhere else
  • Advanced Smartlink Technology for WW traffic
  • Available verticals: Dating, Sweeps, Games, Finance, and others!
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Weekly or Monthly payouts (depending on how much you make)
  • Huge choice in payment methods: Wire, Payoneer, Paypal, Paxum, Yandex Money, WMZ, Bitcoin, QIWI.

If you want to try out one of the most innovative and growing marketing networks, look no further than AdsEmpire. They will help you make your marketing dreams come true. Affiliates starting should consider using such platforms to increase their campaign performances!

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