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Did you know that in year 2018, around $19 Billion was lost because of click fraud and bot traffic? And the problem keeps growing as time goes by, with very little being done to police fake traffic on the internet.

But what is Click Fraud exactly? 

Click fraud, or others may call it Ad Fraud where your paid ads are experiencing fraudulent viewing or clicking. Take note that this doesn’t only happen in search ads. Click fraud also happens on social ads, video ads, as well as display ads. All in all, this simply means one thing, it’s not only your data that gets messed up, but definitely your money is being thrown straight to the drain!

Beware of Click Frauds! 

1. Bots

Don't Be a Click Fraud Victim: Fraud Report by RedTrack

Bots do help marketers in business, especially when it comes to customer support and saves a lot of our time to improve engagement with the audience.  Lo and behold, because bots may be as much help, but there are also bots that can harm your business at the same time. These harmful bots are created together with fraudulent websites where marketers can run traffic using these sites containing click fraud bots. 

2. Click Farms

Don't Be a Click Fraud Victim: Fraud Report by RedTrack

Click farms are hundreds if not thousands of mobile devices in a major warehouse, being clicked on by underpaid workers in 3rd world countries to mimic real user engagement with ads. These clicks will never result in sale, because their goals are to generate revenues for the owners of the site they are clicking on and not to purchase the product/service being advertised.

3. Web Publishers

Don't Be a Click Fraud Victim: Fraud Report by RedTrack

Majority of the time, web publishers rely on the revenue they make from ads on their site. And they know that the more clicks on the ads on their website, means more money for them. So, they just simply can’t help but click on those ads on their site in order to increase their own revenue! They do have the risk of losing their partnership with Google though, however when desperate times are always just right around the corner!

How To Figure Out if You’re Being a Victim of Click Fraud?

Now that you know that click fraud can be anywhere around you, here are some signs and how to know that you’re ads are being harmed by click fraud:

1. Common in Push, Pops, Adult and Native traffic sources

These fraudsters know which traffic sources to target! They target traffic sources where there are tons of sources and zones. Some obvious signs are high ctrs on landers and also clicking on things real humans wouldnt click on. This is their deceitful strategy to steal money without being too obvious. 

2. Unusual Referral Traffic

In the case that you are utilizing RedTrack and you have noticed that there are irrelevant or some weird traffic referring users to your website, then you must investigate further because this can be a harmful bot. 

3. CTR Rates Weirdly Sky-rocketed!

Since you should regularly be checking your data, and regularly monitoring RedTrack report, if you have noticed that you’re receiving traffic from countries that you’re not even targeting and this has caused your CTR to increase drastically, then you are possibly being targeted by click fraud. 

4. Excessively Repeated IP Address

In your reports, if you are seeing the exact same IP address, and seems to be visiting your site over and over in a span of short time, then this is highly possible of a click fraud act. 

Take Action Using RedTrack’s Click Fraud Detection Feature

Facebook and Google are becoming more vigilant in fighting against this click fraud dilemma. However a lot of the more relaxed policy sources do not have the AI in place like the big traffic sources to detect advanced click fraud and bots. You must take actions yourself to ensure you aren’t paying for clicks that are fake! Other than narrowing and being more specific with your targeting as you create your campaigns, you must also use tools that can help you detect click fraud.

RedTrack offers a feature wherein users have an option to have in-depth analysis of your click quality. Enabling this feature cost you as low as $0,10 per 1000 clicks. 

Don't Be a Click Fraud Victim: Fraud Report by RedTrack

Once you have activated the Fraud Check in your campaigns, RedTrack automatically checks from the very first click you receive.

You can access click quality report by clicking on the Fraud Report button. 

Here is the list that can trigger and get those fraudulent clicks detected:

Don't Be a Click Fraud Victim: Fraud Report by RedTrack

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