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The main pain of any affiliate is where to get trusted accounts for advertising. It takes a long time to create accounts and warm them up on your own. All the more the highest trust get the accounts that are over a year old and have a history of activities.  

However, buying accounts from unknown sellers is not always reliable: usually there is no guarantee on such accounts, they are quickly blocked, and sellers do not always behave in good faith.

As of 2019, affiliates have an alternative option — cloud accounts from

Briefly about

This service provides cloud accounts for Facebook, Twitter and Google Ads.

 For over two years the company provides affiliates with advertising accounts of any geo. 

There are more than 85 specialists who daily prepare new accounts and develop new solutions that allow affiliates to launch advertisements despite all the restrictions of social networks and search engines.

What’s the difference between a cloud account and a regular account

If you buy a regular account, you get the login and password to the account and log in to it from any browser. cloud accounts are in a virtual system. You can enter them via a web browser or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The affiliate doesn’t get the login and password to the account and there’s no need for it: you can log in to the account with a couple of clicks using special programs.

How to access accounts 

To access an account you need:

  1. Register on the website
  2. Fund your account. You can transfer payment through popular e-wallets, bank cards or bitcoins. 
  3. Choose accounts based on the desired geo and order them.

Officially, accounts are submitted within 24 hours, but in practice it is much faster: sometimes within a couple of hours. It depends on what type of accounts you chose.

After that, you can log in to your account and get to work.


Account purchasing options

There are two options to pay for accounts: per account or by subscription.

Per account. The cost of an account will range from $100 to $300 — depending on geo. 

The most expensive accounts are the accounts of Tier-1 countries. For example, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, the USA, Italy and France.

These accounts are the most demanded, and as a rule, when advertising in these countries you can get the most money.

In the case of piece-by-piece purchases, each account will have a two-week warranty. If an account is blocked during this time and it was not the fault of the affiliate, it will be replaced.

With a subscription, you get unlimited replacement of accounts in case they are blocked. With this format, you choose the desired number of slots (accounts), pay for them and get access to the accounts within 24 hours.

If an account gets blocked, it will be replaced within 12 or 24 hours: it depends on the type of subscription. Statistically, even novice affiliates face no more than 3 account replacements during the subscription period. 

Even more interesting statistics: as early as the 2nd and 3rd month of subscription, blocking and account replacements occur less and less frequently. 

As in the case when you buy one account, the cost per subscription will depend on the geo of the account and on the amount of the accounts you need.

For example, 5 Tier-1 country slots will cost $1895 per month. 

This price is fully justified by the bonuses that the user gets along with the account.

Moreover there are discounts for users and teams who regularly buy accounts. 

Advantages of accounts

There is no limit on the number of accounts

Experienced affiliates know that it is better to choose the accounts of the geo in which you plan to advertise. has accounts of any geo and gender. In particular, a large selection of accounts from Tier-1 countries.

cloud accounts

Accounts are ready to go

All accounts are already warmed up which means that immediately after the purchase you can start working.

With accounts it is possible to work with white offers as well as with nutra offers, gambling, adult, datenting and financial offers. 

Obviously, when working with gray and black offers, the account will be blocked at some point in any case: it depends on how accurately the affiliate will work. But with accounts this will happen later rather than sooner.

Customized Business Manager

If you plan to run large-scale advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll need a Business Manager. 

Given Facebook’s strict control over the actions of its users, the social network does not allow you to run ads with large budgets straight after creating the account. 

At, you can buy accounts with Business Manager already set up and with any limits: $50, $250 or no limit. If an account has a limit, will provide you with instructions how to raise it. 

A separate bonus is filing an appeal. If Business Manager gets blocked by Facebook, the affiliate does not need to do anything: specialists will file an application to unblock the account themselves.

account solution

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Anti-Detect Browser

All social networks and search engines track user data. In particular, from which device the user logs in, from which country, etc. 

If some users have the same data, the system takes it into account, and if there are claims to one of the accounts, the rest can be blocked. To mask the data of the devices and connections, affiliates use proxies and anti-detect browser.

The price for the anti-detect browser is pretty high: it starts from $100 and can be up to $1,000, depending on the functionality of the particular browser.

In you get an anti-detection browser together with your account, which means you can avoid additional costs. Each separate tab will open the page of a specific account. This will help to avoid confusion and you will always be sure that you are showing the correct data for a specific account.

Bonus Account

Every user has a special bonus account on which he can get money bonuses in case of large deposits.

For example, if you deposit $1 000, you will get $100 on your bonus account. The greater is the amount of the deposit, the greater is the bonus. In the future, these bonuses can be used to pay up to 30% of the cost of the accounts.

Residential proxies

Unlike other types of proxies, residential proxies are more reliable for affiliate marketing: they show real connection data and can belong to only one user. The only drawback is that they are slower.

But the team solved this problem as well: using special settings, the data upload speed is as fast as the data center proxy. 

Moreover, it is possible to connect premium proxies which are even faster for an additional fee. The cost is $5 per account. According to some affiliates, basically there is no need for such acceleration — the original proxies do their job well and fast enough. payment solution

Payments are a separate type of problem. If the payment card belongs to a bank whose cards are often used for affiliate marketing, there will be no trust to such card from the social network. Moreover, if you link one card to several accounts, in case of blocking, all other accounts can be banned. 

If you want to use your payment card — no problem. manager will recommend you which payment methods are better not to use. For example, electronic wallets Yandex and Qiwi will not work — social networks and search engines know that they are often used by affiliates. Because of this, the trust of the account will be lower or the system will not let you attach a card or the e-wallet. Your #1 Solution with Account Bans


Every buyer of the accounts gets his own manager who helps to deal with account settings and gives recommendations on how to use the account. For example, he will tell you not to change the internal settings and language of your account — any changes can cause suspicions and your account can be sent for verification.

Moreover, if you have questions specifically about affiliate marketing and advertising, the manager is always ready to tell you what to do when you work with a particular offer.

Disadvantages of accounts

The only disadvantage is the price. The cost of accounts is higher than the average on the market. For this reason, affiliates who have not yet used the service are often hesitant to buy.

However, if we take into account the cost of the anti-detect browser, proxies and labor costs for account creation and warm-up, we can understand that such cost is more than justified. 

It turns out that by buying accounts, you save time and avoid all the extra costs. 

What are the opinions about

Since the service has existed for more than two years, you can find a lot of reviews on the company’s accounts online. 

Users agree on one thing — the cost of accounts is not cheap. However, the price is justified by the bonuses included in the price and the readiness of the accounts to work. With accounts, you can even work with gambling and affiliate offers that are officially banned by Facebook’s advertising policy.  

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