If you have been following the industry trends, you know Casino is on the up and up. Russian teams are doing 7 figures per month in profit pushing casino offers through FB App installs, push traffic and email. If you want to get a piece of the pie, you are going to love this great company – a top network in the Casino offers space!

Introducing – Netopartners, they are the affiliate program, representing exclusively some of the leading brands for slots, scratch and instant win games. Overall, they have offers in more than 24 geos and been around for over 10 years so believe me, they know what they are doing.

They have over 500 active affiliates that run traffic and bring in more than 150 thousand registrations and over ten thousand FTDs  each month. That’s huge! They create kick ass casino brands all the time to fill exciting demand by people that love to gamble and play at the casinos.

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Why should you work with Neto Partners?

They have been around for over 10 years so they know their craft. They also know how to optimize the backend to increase the chance of conversion for you, which means it’s easier to make more money than promoting untested casino offers from a fresh new comer.

And yes, they offer the usual stuff every CPA network offers – friendly support, fast payouts as you need them, and creatives support.

Best, they have 100% exclusive in house offers that aren’t re-brokered anywhere else, and you won’t find on Offervault.

They know how unique content and niched casino offers are easier to convert, so they create some of the most amazing games in the casino space to attract a diverse clientele that loves to gamble.

Additionally, many of their brands have a scratch or instant win theme which enables affiliates to target not just hardcore casino players but much wider audience. This helps increase conversions, and makes it easier for an affiliate to make money with their offers.

As you know, not everyone is willing to enter a casino, but most of have bought at least one scratch card in their life (I know I have).

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  • Another big advantage is types of deals they offer – Rev-Share or Guarantee on ROI spent

This is massive, you are pretty much guaranteed an ROI on spend and also you can do rev-share, which is my personal favorite because you just need to catch a few ‘whales’ and they come back time and time again to play at their casino games and then you get paid without having to do anything.

How to Succeed Promoting Casino Offers – Direct Tips from NetoPartners for Media Buyers and Affiliates

  • Tier one countries are very competitive. Try and run offers in tier 2 & 3. Take advantage of it!  Promote those countries where traffic is cheaper, and there is less competition.  Your ROI will be higher, guaranteed !
  • Take advantage of the uniqueness of their products, promote their offers in an untraditional traffic sources, not only on gambling & betting channels. (use: sweepstakes, raffles, make money funnels, lottery, and even dating traffic).
  • Winning stories work! Wrap it up with a good looking pre-lander/advertorial and you have a winning funnel! The more ‘out there’ the story the more impact it will have. Remember the guy with the big golden chains sitting in a bath tub promoting crypto offers? That’s the idea!
  • And last but not least, you may think that online gambling is only for men between 30 to 50, so you will be surprised to hear that their demographics are evenly split between men and women in the ages of 25-65!  So you can actually target a wider audience that will cost you less and will still fit our product. This is great opportunity to target women as most people running casino only do men.

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Where (what traffic sources) do the NetoPartner offers convert the best?

  • Casino offers do best on FB, Google, Push, Email and SMS. However some people had luck on native too, although the CPC’s can be sky high there.
  • A lot of media buyers that play with DSP arbitrage have also seen success working with NetoPartners. This is very advanced and not for everyone though.

Lookalike audiences, seed audiences, custom pixel setups, Iframes and more – They are 100% behind their affiliates.

  • NetoPartners is awesome, like my other favorite CPA networks they seem to really give whatever the affiliate needs in order to see success.
  • Since the iOS14 disaster on FB it has been more and more important to track properly. That’s why RedTrack has a solution for the Facebook iOS14 update woes, and so does NetoPartners. They are willing to setup custom tracking setups, help with iframes, or even API if you are big enough. Provide seed audiences to generate amazing Lookalike audiences and even suggest where to buy data for email/sms campaigns.
  • NetoPartners doesn’t impose caps, or limit you – they know that once you hit a winner you want to scale it up fast, and they will be happy to help you make money long term and find the ‘whales’. This is really good when doing rev-share based lead gen for casino.

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netopartners.com reviewed for casino, gambling offers

Their really cool system measures incoming traffic and based on past data, analyzes it in real time so they can tell which one has high probability to become a great lead vs which doesn’t. So they can communicate how to optimize your traffic steams to achieve the best results fast.

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