NOT SURE IF You Knew This Yet…… but….

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There IS someone to help you cheap if you don’t know how to design, code or just don’t have time to learn it all… let me introduce the service I’ve been using for all my banner & lander creation…

Banners&Landers was created with one goal in mind, to solve the affiliate marketers problem that doesn’t know how to use Photoshop, doesn’t know how to code responsive CSS/HTML5, Jquery, Javascript, etc.

The B&N mission statement is to provide top quality service, fast turnaround and cheap prices.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, this time – that rule has been BROKEN!

Banners&Landers is accepting new orders, so …

  • if you need a banner made – it’ll cost you $5 bucks.
  • If you need a lander made, that’ll be $40 bucks.

Cheap eh? I AGREE! –> Click here to go to the site and place your order!


Sharing is caring!

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