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If you ever searched for great advertising networks that do push offers you probably heard of RollerAds. They are a big network that offers some of the best affiliate marketing strategies. They also have some of the highest website revenues to the direct publishers. 

When I first heard about RollerAds I was quite excited. But not for the usual things you might expect. It brought back memories of ROLLER GIRL! Not sure if anyone in my audience even knows about her.  Check this music video if you wanna see who I’m talking about…


RollerAds have a lot of benefits that you can enjoy if you work with them. They offer exclusive and high-quality traffic, global reach, and low costs! 

They provide great push ads via the SendPulse platform. All of that traffic is checked as well. They scan it with an advanced anti-fraud system that filters the bad traffic. They are one of the rare advertising networks to offer a real global reach. They manage traffic coming from 250+ countries! And they do it all at an incredible price of just $0.001 from any geo per bid!

RollerAds also provides you with a list of best-performing verticals. Some of them are: Finance, Software, Dating, eCommerce, Betting, Gambling, Games, Nutra, Sweepstakes, Extensions, Utilities, Push Subscriptions, PinSubmit, Media, Cinema & TV

Incredibly, that is not the only thing they offer! They have things like personal account managers that assist all of their partners. One of those managers helped me with boosting my profits and lowering costs. Even though I know what I am doing, additional help is always welcome. And here you will get it for sure!

Recently RollerAds announced that they exclusively monetize all their publishing with SendPulse push notification services! This means that they will more easily monetize their current 10,000+ direct high-quality publishers! 

If you want high-quality and non-intrusive push ads. RollerAds is the place to get that done well and affordably!

What Is So Special About Push?

Push notifications send ads with special offers, announcements, and sales that appear on the screen of user’s devices independent of what site or browser they are using in any part of the world. These ads are highly engaging and click-able and hard to ignore.

Push Notifications are best and mostly used because of their:

  • Timely and instant delivery
  • Maximum opening rates
  • High CTR due to non-intrusive nature
  • More targeted global approach
  • High conversion rates
  • Instant and convenient delivery
  • Track-able transparent statistics
  • Maximum ROI

With push, you will get prospects that are ready to buy and interested in what you have to offer. Users have to opt-in for push to work. So you don’t have to worry about spam or bad traffic. The ROI on PUSH at the moment is insane. There is a reason all of the top affiliates use it at the time. 

If you want to try to push out, RollerAds is one of the, if not the best ad networks. Continue reading to see why!

What Makes RollerAds So Good?

RollerAds offers a lot of new and unique features that no other ad network offers. They also perfected the features that everyone has, so they are super competitive. 

Easy and Profitable Campaigns

If you want to earn money with push you have to have a great campaign. RollerAds offers fast, successful, and highly profitable campaigns to all its users. Creating campaigns takes mere seconds. They offer an intuitive campaign designer that guides you through the entire process. Things like targeting, ad placement, and budgeting are explained and made easy. You can easily evaluate options for bidding campaigns and targeting which affect your ad reach. 

RollerAds also offer the use of multiple creatives. These allow you to easily run A/B tests within a single campaign. This is an opportunity to show different sets of push creatives to the audience. Based on the results you get, select the notification with the highest conversion rate. Show that notification to the remaining subscribers to get the best results. 

Each campaign can:

  • Use up to 9 creatives
  • Identify the most successful conversion option
  • Scale that conversion and make a profit
  • Improve the conversion rate
  • Focus resources on elements 

RollerAds is broadening its ad formats variety. One of the new features they are introducing is a new ad format called ONCLICK. It’s the ideal format for grabbing and capturing the user’s attention. 

Targeting Options

One of the most important criteria when choosing an Ad Network is the availability of broad targeting options. It is important to make sure that you can easily reach the right audience for your products/ services and make your offer desirable and profitable using our targeting.

Roller Ads targeting options are:

  • IP Range
  • Traffic Quality
  • GEO (Country, Region, City)
  • Carriers (Mobile ISP)
  • Connection type
  • Subscription Age
  • Browser Types
  • Browser Versions
  • Browser Language
  • Platform (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet)
  • OS (Windows, macOS, Android)
  • Day and Time
  • Zones
  • (White / Blacklists)

Complete Tracking

RollerAds provides you with a full record and consistent statistics on how your campaigns are doing. You can track everything through its user-friendly interface. You can monitor your progress and your sales with ease. It also lets you monitor your expenses and change them accordingly to your budget. This makes tracking your expenses and conversion super-easy!

Free Push Notification Templates

If you are new to push, you should try out the templates feature. RollerAds give you access to a wide range of free models for push notification advertising. This allows you to use industry-standard ads for your customers. And save a bunch of time you would need to create the templates yourself. 

Customer Support

Every advertising network should have customer support. RollerAds offers users some of the best support I have seen so far! They have dedicated staff that is always available to help you with issues you might have. They are well versed in the subjects so they can even give you great answers to any questions. They are fast with responses and so far I can say only positive things about them!

RollerAds for Publishers

Publishers also have their place on RollerAds. The ad network creates profits for the publishers’ future ad estate. They offer competitive prices and great profits. But there are multiple reasons why publishers should take a good look at RollerAds.

Easy Setup

The whole setup for getting started can be done in just a few minutes. You sign up, place your tags on your website, and that’s all! Start gaining that sweet revenue and making profits!

Higher Income

Push ads are a great source to engage with real and interactive users. To get push notifications users need to opt-in to them themselves. This means that the audience is likely to interact with the content you offer. This high-quality and consenting audience is what makes push so great. It attracts advertisers towards you which drives higher revenue.

100% Safe

Safety should always be a priority. RollerAds acknowledges this and focuses much of its efforts on safety. They provide a 100% safe and precise selection of advertisers to work with. This will ensure you never get unwanted traffic or ads on your pages. 

Referral Program

Referrals are always a great opportunity to earn a bit more. You will get a unique link that you can send to your friends or business partners. If they sign up and start using RollerAds through your link, you will get 5% of their revenue. Some people only deal with referrals and make a killer living. Be one of them!

Create a RollerAds account and generate much more profits!

Summing things up, RollerAds is amazing. They are a self-serving advertising network that helps its users. With them, you will boost your sales and get great revenue by using push ads for your campaigns. If you want to improve your sales and take your company to the next level, look no further. Try this network of push ads today and start earning real money!

RollerAds, Making Push Ads Easy and Profitable!

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!