, The Top 9 FREE Chrome Extensions I use for my Paid Affiliate Marketing Campaigns to Make My Work More Productive.

The Top 9 FREE Chrome Extensions I use for my Paid Affiliate Marketing Campaigns to Make My Work More Productive.

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As a full time affiliate marketer for many years now,  I use these extensions all the time to keep things most productive.      It helps keep me organized and focused, as well as do mundane tasks faster and easier saving me from having to do 10 steps; instead getting the same thing done in just 1 or 2 steps.    All of these chrome extensions are FREE.

  1. RemoveCookiesForSite – Since I have to log in and out of Media500 (CPA Networks), RedTrack (trackers),  ZeroPark (Push Networks), Forums (iAmAffiliate, STM) sometimes the cookies get messed up,   clearing them by hand would mean, having to open Chrome settings, and going deep to find privacy > cookies, then searching for the ones I want to remove.   HUGE Time waster.   This extension allows me to click it on the website I need to clear cookies for, and that’s it.    

2. Facebook Pixel Helper –  We run a ton of Facebook Ads, and always need to place the pixel.  Either on the thank you page of our site, or within the CAKE/HASoffers platform of the cpa network we’re working with.    The quickest way to make sure that the right events get fired when we visit say the thank you page is to uset his handy little tool, so all you do is visit the page you placed on pixel, then wait a few seconds and click the Facebook Pixel Helper extension, and it will show you which pixel fired, and which events.  

3. LastPass – In this age of cyber security, having super complex, and long passwords and a different one for each website, safe site, tracker, cpa network, spy tool, etc is a must.   My passwords are like 32 characters long, and made up of upper and lower case characters and illegal chars and numbers.   It’d take todays computers lots of time to brute force crack these random passwords;  and there’s no way in hell I can remember them, or even type them in by hand – so LastPass to the rescue, all passwords saved, securely in one place, with autofill.

4. Google Analytics URL Builder – I’ve been tagging all of our URLs for WH stuff with UTM codes, so we can see in Google Analytics flow of visitors, etc.  This nifty little extension makes it super easy to save templates, so when you visit a URL you want to promote (like lets say a safe article link) you can just select your template,  type in whatever you want to label the ad, and it will generate the link for you with all the UTM stuff on it, which you can cut n paste to your FB or G campaign or whever you wanna run it.

5. WhatRuns – Ever wonder which tools/scripts/apps a shopify store is running? This will tell you the theme, the apps they added, and many more things, ie which retargeting platform, pixels, etc are on the site.  It works for ecom super well, that’s where I use it, and also works great if you want to learn what your competitor is using on their site to make it better, ie visualwebsiteoptimizer for split testing, or some retargeting platform, or something new you didn’t even hear about that’s getting them tons of HQ visitors but they didn’t want to share.

6. LinkClump – This is a must if you need to open multiple links at once.  Let’s say my employee does a spy session, sends me links to landers so I can pick the ones I want to get ripped.   It will be like a list of 40 links.  Holding down CTRL+clicking on each one takes a shit ton of time,  with this, I can hold down Z and then select them all, and it will open them in different tabs in Chrome.  

7. Momentum – Super great to keep your todo list right in front of you, and not lose sight of what you need to get done today.   I use it because I have ADD and can’t focus and forget what i need to do unless i write it down as my mind is racing like crazy.  This thing helps keep it all organized.    It’s also a clock, and tells you the weather, and shows beautiful backgrounds / sceneries too.  

8. Save To Pocket – I’ve been using this for a long, long time.  It’s basically so bad ass, when you are surfing, or on Facebook and see something cool, but don’t have time to read it then and there. You just click the little Pocket extension, and it will save it in the cloud for you.  You can then access your pocket bookmarks from your phone or tablet, or PC anytime you want and read it.  PERFECT when you hit the loo for #2 and want some killer reading material right there!  It also works offline so if there’s no internet (lets say you are out sailing) then you can read all the stuff on your phone/tablet.  

9. RescueTime – this keeps track of what sites you visit, and how much time you spend so u can figure out where you waste most of your time.  This is a must if you want to optimize your time to get more shit done.

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

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