, Life After Drop Shipping – The Best Alternative to the Shopify Craze

Life After Drop Shipping – The Best Alternative to the Shopify Craze

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I got into shopify in 2015, back when nutra trials were doing super well, there were no MIDs issues, you could run awesome 1 click flow mobile pin submits and bank hard, cpi offers were still the talk of the town. Back when it wasn’t the hot topic of every make money expert on Youtube.

Back then, the stuff being thought today by the fake Youtube Shopify gurus actually worked!

*For some reason they always teach the stuff that used to work, and not what actually works right now.

I got ‘shopify’ drop shipping to work using the FREE just pay shipping model. I got it to work for niched items like harry potter necklace and wizard wand and other shit. BUT I HATED IT from the start. I actually summarized why here in detail. I hated it because customers were bitching and complaining that it took WEEKS even with ePaket for their shit to arrive.

I hated bad feedback, I hated unhappy customers because I knew from running real businesses like Banners&Landers that returning customers == money.

So I quickly shut down my store and went back to running BH campaigns, and dabling in lead generation. But I can’t ignore ecommerce how its growing worldwide – but I still hate and don’t want to do shopify and drop shipping. I really hate pissed of customers and shitty products that’s why.

There is a solution, and it was there all along I was just too involved and focused elsewhere to notice.

But then I met two guys who are doing what I love – owning and promoting your own brands. Brand power is real. My oldest brand is 11 years old and it’s STILL making me money. It survived the crazy Panda, Penguin pandemic, it survived Google’s new Trick to Click policy update, it survived Facebook’s endless paranoia where you can’t call out anyone because then they will know all the evil things Facebook truly is doing behind the scenes like knowing who’s someone’s secret affair or what kind of shit they truly into.

What is this solution I speak off? It’s called Amazon FBA, or Fulfilled by Amazon. Trick to making it work from what I learned so far? HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT, and FAST PRIME SHIPPING.

I KNOW, if you give customers high quality product they love and deliver the goods fast, they will be happy, recommend to their friends/relatives and come back and buy over and over.

This seems like a good avenue to take and invest all the fast profits from affiliate marketing to build a steady brand, a real business to add multiple streams of income.

But fuck, I knew nothing – so what could I do? I went to youtube, and watched the gurus of course. Sifting through the bullshit after bullshit, the lambo and fake screenshot gurus to find a few hopefuls. I’ve ran into a guy named Yaniv, he seemed pretty truthful saying things like his course is the TLDR version of many courses with his own stuff added in.

Awesome I thought, here a guy summarized the knowledge from many courses into one.

So I decided to buy it for $497. And At the time of this writing, I have finished 2 parts. The intro and overview about FBA to grasp wtf it really is; and the most important part. How to find products to sell.

Now I stopped going through the course, because at this stage the rest is super irrelevant. TAKING ACTION is what creates success, not consuming course after course. So, now I am searching for products, then will order samples to check the quality. Once I have that done, I will continue to the 3rd part in the course.

If you are interested in also learning about Amazon FBA, and joining me in the ‘newbie zone’. You can buy the course right here. It’s actually good, proof you don’t have to pay thousand and thousands for a course.

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