, From  to 0+ per day – AB G’s success story

From $80 to $900+ per day – AB G’s success story

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, From  to 0+ per day – AB G’s success story
Ab G smiling and posing with his shiny new MacBookPro.

A while back I received an email from an avid blog reader named AB G.       

AB G is a guy living in Sunny California, and used to work in a restaurant up until he heard about affiliate marketing from a friend over a year ago.  He was so sick of working ultra long hours, and not getting rewarded for his time.    We each have 24 hours in a day, and here AB was slaving away sometimes doing 12 to 14 hour days, for what? So he can go to sleep and wake up the next day and rinse and repeat!

Affiliate marketing was his gateway to a life of success where he truly could harvest his talents he believed.  He dived right in, signed up on STM and quickly got down to work in adult dating.   It took him a few short months to master dating to a point where it was profitable for him.     For those of you reading that dabbled in adult dating know how fast banners and landers burn out, and how you have to be on top of the game if you want to make coin.  Well AB, was doing a new set of creatives every 48 hours, he was cranking out new banners like a mofo, and split testing them.  It was part of his daily grind.

He was doing everything he read on forums, and kept on plugging away.   For some reason a placement worked great for a few days, then it completely tanked.   Then the same thing happened again on another placement,  it seemed no matter what he tried to do,  he was stuck on a plateau.    A plateau earning him anywhere from $80-100 bucks a day.    I’m sure he’s not alone, there’s many of you that also share similar experiences when it comes to adult,   I know I do.

AB was so sick of people constantly jacking his stuff, and campaigns being volatile he wanted to try something else.  

One day I received an email from Ab asking me if he could add me on skype so we can have a chat.   I had some time, so I said sure and gave him my skype ID and that was that.  I talk to many people all the time,  according to RescueTime I spend 55% everyday on Skype and Email.

That definitely is not being productive, but luckily I have a team to do all the grunt work so it gives me the chance to spend most of my time on top level stuff like networking and strategies.

Anyways, we started talking and after a while I could sense that here was a guy who knew his shit, he was realistic,  he believed in working smart vs hard and best of all he had the right mind set needed to succeed in this affiliate marketing game.       And that is when he asked me,   do you offer private coaching?   

So I explained to AB, yes I do from time to time,  but i am very picky who I am willing to work with.     He explained his story (the one above), that he’s stuck with adult dating and would like to get into mobile and is willing to follow my ways down to the T.   This sounded good,  9 out of 10 – people always end up doing their own thing, that is why any kind of ebook, coaching or tutorial never gets the effect it was intended for [to help someone succeed]    I liked this guy, he was down to earth and everything and agreed to take him on as my 1 on 1 student.

I became his mentor, his coach and taught him how I run mobile on display.    It took a good week for us to cover everything related to display, after that he was off to the races.   We kept in touch afterwords, and he did report back on his various successes, but this guy was hungry for more.   So after realizing what I thought him works,  he hit me up again to teach him more advanced stuff.        Again,  we ended up working together for a solid 2 weeks to cover everything I know about advanced mobile.      He was happy with what he learned, and then he just went on to do his thing.

It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that I received a PM from Ab G on skype, here is part of it:

[11:41:25 AM] Ab G: When I was starting to loose hope and all the traffic sources were failing, I approached you in hopes to get a few tips
[11:42:18 AM] Ab G: But you ended up teaching way more and within 4 months knowing you I’m banking $1000/day
[11:42:27 AM] Ab G: Thanks man, you are one of the best people I’ve ever met online!

I have to say,  I was speechless.  It felt really good, his success felt like my success.     I helped this guy go from making $80/day to $900+    It’s incredible how affiliate marketing can change lives, and he is living proof.  Thank you AB for following what I thought you, it was a real pleasure to be able to help change your life!

PS: In case you are wondering, AB is running mobile with AppFlood & Yeahmobi.  He’s running CPIs and you can contact him  via skype at:  mastermindinggames

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

29 thoughts on “From $80 to $900+ per day – AB G’s success story”

  1. This is a truly inspiring story, it is very rare to read success stories with so much transparency. Thanks very much it really gives me hope that I too can one day make it to the club with the big boys.

    A little about me, my name is Jack and I am currently working full time as a fork lift operator and thinking about trying my luck at affiliate marketing. All the information out there is making me feel so little, I don’t know where to start and what to do, so I read, and read and read and read….

    Do you have any advice for people like me?

    • My advice to you is to take ACTION. If you don’t take action you won’t fall, so you won’t learn anything. When you were a baby, before you could walk you tried to walk and fell many times, then tried again. Eventually you became so good at walking you started running 🙂

      That’s how I like to think about affiliate marketing too!

  2. I too did adult dating a while back and had to pause after I lost almost $3000 dollars. I feel it would be good to start again and give it another go with all the stuff I learned. Men learns from past mistakes.

    This post has inspired me to try mobile, where should I start?

    Cheers and thanks for the awesome content!

    • Mobile is definitely the right place to be atm, it is only set to double in the next few years according to multiple experts in the industry.

      Where to start hmm, definitely low payout offers if you are on a budget, or subscriptions offers like whatsapp if you have a bigger test budget!

  3. Love it Attila!
    It’s great to see people succeed that we’re working with, I felt speechless too as students of my training told me about the actions they took and the results they see 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Offtop:
    IamAttila, man, this snow effect on your blog slows down your site ) My PC is very powerfull, but the site loads with small delay with this snow effect ))

  5. This is awesome! Thx for you for posting this. I am Asian and found your site through Charles No’s blog.

    My mother is very angry at me for trying to learn affiliate marketing because she believes I need to study hard, get good grades, and get a degree then slave at a company and work my way up the ladder.

    I thought about it, just because she keeps bugging me so much but I decided that life is just not for me. I want to travel, visit all over Asia. This success story is something I can show my mother to prove to her, that yes there’s money in affiliate marketing. I want my family to be proud and you give me energy to continue my mobile journey.

    Thanks again for posting it ^-^

    • Affiliate marketing works, and I am living proof. AB G is another proof, but soon I’ll have another success story with my other student 🙂

      You can then blow your mom away with all the real facts, hey mom – read this, and this.. and this.. and this 🙂

  6. Attila, you are epic bro, thanks for all the kick ass ninja-tricks, wouldn’t have done it without you, that’s for certain and I’m really happy that my story is inspiring others to take action and see what is possible
    through perseverance and dedication.

    -Ab G

    • get their ip and block em in your htaccess file on the server

      or use a cloaker which already knows what ip to block, sorry i don’t know any cloakers as i don’t cloak just run all green stuff..

    • yup, indeed and dozens arrived in my inbox…unfortunately I had to respectfully decline, as i don’t have time to coach only very rarely do i accept private 1 on 1 students…

      will be holding a private mastermind for a very small number of people in Vegas though.. those that take don’t miss out will leave vegas a winner, for sure

  7. Hello Attila,

    This post really motivated me a lot, currently I’m doing SEO to earn as much money as I can so I can start mobile full time, that’s my goal for 2015.. I’ve been learning a lot about mobile for about 6 months now (mobi manifesto book and on many other blogs and forums) so I can implement it once I have enough funds for campaigns. Your posts for creating campaigns with voluum were really helpful as well as other mobile posts. Thanks for that!

    Pozdrav.. I neka 2015. bude uspesnija od 2014.!

  8. why are you telling this story, where you help someone you don’t know (even though you didn’t have time). Then, when someone asks you here for help. you move them to Charles Ngo..or saying you cannot help?
    It looks like a story for affiliate advertising YeahMobi and AppFlood. (making the commission from them).

    also, why are you writing this blog? helping ? giving info ? You are using aff links for STM..making affiliate money from them. also for other services.

    why are you destroying your affiliate future by giving info to competition ?
    if you are making 1000+$ per day. or more…you have office, workers. The money from this blog supposed to be nothing.
    Please explain your strategy…why are you giving us this info ?

    • I feel if I spent time answering all your WHY questions, you’d still be a jaded individual who marvels on WHY instead of taking action.

      So do me a favor, remove all affiliate links when signing up to any of the places I recommend. If you ever take action…

      • I love this answer because it is so f’ing true. Many people want to read about a magic wand they can wave and mint money. If you give them a book with the magic potion they don’t want to follow the steps required. They just want the end result.

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