[FREE] How to build profitable campaigns and scale to $x,xxx,xxx per year

[FREE] How to build profitable campaigns and scale to $x,xxx,xxx per year

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Setting up a new affiliate marketing campaign might look easy to an outsider; they think, throw it up on a traffic source, optimize, profit BIG right?

I’m sure you agree; what they don’t realize is all the stuff that goes into launching a campaign; hell it’s made up of soooo many steps, requiring so much knowledge and experience that no wonder, most who try fail at this affiliate marketing game.

Million dollar per year campaigns can be made, but it requires systems. Charles Ngo talks about systems, all the time because he’s right – that IS the key to success.

So let me share with you my system and process of launching campaigns…a system made up of many steps…

Today we live in a very competitive time, where new affiliates are jumping in each day stealing our campaigns, it really is coming down to survival of the fittest.

That means, we need to be on our toes, launch more campaigns faster, and with bigger budgets.

This might sound impossible, especially if you are one man show, but with good organization and a few virtual assistants you can solve it – and I will teach you how easily really.

As My internal team grew it was time to get shit organized, so we could do more projects at the same time and not get lost in all the TO DOs.

We started using a tool that can help delegate tasks better, and also track how much each part of the project costs. To stay on budget, and on time.

There’s a shitload of tools out there to manage projects, unfortunately most seem to focus on freelancers where they charge by hours worked, and don’t offer the option to track all the little expense pieces that go into every campaign. Anyway…

Here’s the golden giveaway, my typical campaign process for a health campaign that is broken into tasks in my project management tool:

  1. Come up with angles (anglesaurus)
  2. Order landing pages (bannerslanders)
  3. Order banner or click bait fb images (bannerslanders)
  4. Order new safe site for cloaking (bannerslanders)
  5. Buy a domain name (namecheap)
  6. Buy a new hosting package with unique IP (bluehost)
  7. Setup the domain on the host (bluehost)
  8. Get link from CPA Network (Adcombo)
  9. Create campaign in tracker (voluum)
  10. Create new campaign in cloaker
  11. Setup cloaker code in safepage
  12. Grab the FB Pixel and or Adwords Pixels – establish different events in code
  13. Place the pixels in the safe site / landing pages
  14. Place the pixel with tne CPA network
  15. Test the flow with cloaker off/on
  16. Create campaign on Facebook or Adwords
  17. Wait for approval, and note down once approved – also note down if disapproved – solve issue
  18. Monitor voluum making sure clicks are coming in
  19. Monitor facebook and/or adwords pixel to see if its tracking properly and sending data back
  20. Look at the data, optimize as needed by stopping adsets/adgroups
  21. Increase budgets when there’s statistically significant data and SCALE $$$

This is a LOT to keep in your head, it’s a shit ton of post it notes on someone’s monitor.

Every element has a price, usually an estimated budget, and an actual cost. For example, when registering domains you can save some bucks by using coupons, so even though budget is $10 lets say, you can sometimes come in at $5 which is awesome.

With the project management tool we use now, the costs associated with each task in the project can be tracked, and it automatically ads it up.

Another awesome feature it has is TEMPLATING. So you can create a typical project flow, like I’ve listed above and save it in templates.

Let’s say we want to launch a SKIN campaign in US,UK,CA we can duplicate the template 3x, rename it so it looks like this

US Skin
CA Skin
UK Skin

and open each, then delegate all the tasks to our VAs and ourselves. And set deadlines, plus save all the required files, and/or login info all in one place so it’s easy to keep track of. And keep tabs on our budget, and or expenses.

NOTHING will be missed, everything will be done fast, and you will end up doing more in the same ammount of time than before. Very important, especially now when everyone wants to be an affiliate marketer so competition is fierce.

This awesome project management tool is FREE for 14 days, so try it here and experience it yourself to understand WHY I LOVE IT.

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

iAmAttila is a serial entrepeneur that started performance affiliate marketing in 2008 building and ranking sites. After the google humminbird update made SEO ranking way harder he switched to paid advertising in 2012. Ever since switching to paid ads, he has spent over 8 figures in ad spend promoting a variety of verticals and adapting to new changes and challenges as they come up. on iAmAttila.com, the blog he shares up to date information, tips and tricks that work and helps readers learn about new affiliate marketing opportunities. When he's not busy working (although he works 12-14 hours each day) he enjoys traveling with his family, playing with his dogs, BBQ, movies and learning new stuff.

10 thoughts on “[FREE] How to build profitable campaigns and scale to $x,xxx,xxx per year”

  1. First time I hear about Wrike. Interesting. When you compare to Asana, is it better?
    Also: You cloak and still use the Adwords pixel? No risk with this?

    1. As i said, all others (asana included) lack expense tracking per item/task. They only have overall expense at the project level and/or time tracking addons. That is why WRIKE was the best choice for me, and why I recommend it over all the others.

  2. Hi Attila, I have a question on implementing pixels into the safe pages. Im wondering why you are placing pixels into the safe page… that would only be necessary if you are monetising the safepage aswell… or do i miss a important point here?

  3. Anyone doing 4-5 figures a day on FB/Adwords for affiliate supplement offers or lead gen here? I’m looking to hire some pay per lead/sale guys to manage a few of my campaigns. I have direct connections with manufacturers so the payouts are much higher. I’ll either provide the budget or you can do it from your own accounts and I supply all the customized landers for you along with retargeting and all that other ish. Get in touch.

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