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Many people have asked what my tips are on how to earn $1000 per day. Let’s stop for a minute and put it into a little perspective how much cash that really is.

$1000 per day, 365 days in a year, that’s $365,000 dollars/year – or $14.6 million dollars lifetime earnings.

Business Insider recently published a very interesting article titled The College Majors with the Biggest LifeTime earnings and in it, they listed Chemical Engineer career with a little over $2 million dollars at the top of the earnings ladder.

$2 million bucks over 40 years or $14.6 million over 40 years – which one sounds better to you?

Years ago… I hated slaving at my job – so I quit in 2003 thanks to affiliate marketing and never looked back!

For many years I was big time involved in building sites and SEO but when Google decided to KILL seo (with Pengium, Panda, Humminbird and other Animals) to increase their profits and please their shareholders that is when I switched to paid traffic.

It was the best decision of my life, seriously. I read everything out there, joined forums like STM and soaked in all the information; read so much stuff that I felt my head was going to explode. I’m sure you know what I mean. This leads me to into my blue print of success on how you too can earn $1000 per day.

1) Plan your path

There’s nothing more important in my experience than planning where you want to go. I feel if its not written down it is not a plan, it is just a thought.

So I begun my journey by mapping out my path on PAPER, laying it out where I wanted to go – $100/day profit. Based on all the stuff I read on blogs, videos I watched on Youtube and checking out case studies of super affiliates on STM I knew I wanted to pursue the new trend – mobile media buying.

A guy by the name of CharlesNGO wrote that ClickDealer kicks ass, so I signed up thanks to his recommendation and got in touch with a rep there – who today is one of my good friends. He quickly brought newbie me up to speed and introduced me to the world of mobile offers – what is available, and what is hot.

So on my piece of paper I wrote down Mobile Sweeps, Mobile Dating, Mobile Content Billers/Pin Submits, App & Game CPI Installs. Now I had a little bit of an insight about my options, all written on my piece of paper.

I also knew 2 very important things from reading a ton of blogs and stuff:

A) Ask your rep what offer is doing the most volume
B) Look for a low payout offer to get as much data as possible for the least ammount of money

So I asked my rep, who by the way is Max – what is an offer that is low payout, and is doing crazy volume right now and he recommended Clean Master! It paid 20 cents per install, and was a global campaign.

I thought to myself, 20 cents per install!? OMFG how can I make that profitable!! I wasn’t discouraged though because I read a ton of case studies by guys crushing it on StackThatMoney forum with these low payout offers.

So that leads me towards the next most important thing in my blueprint on how to make $1000 per day.


2) Take ACTION!

Affiliate marketing is the act of doing something in order to sell a product (or service) and get paid a commission for it. Without the act, it remains simply a concept. Taking ACTION! A very important of thing on your journey towards earning $1000 per day.

Let’s say we want to go watch the latest Transformers movie, if we don’t take “action” and get our @$$ to the movie theatre or download the movie from uTorrent (..kidding – don’t sue me!) we will not watch transformers!! That’s it, no ifs; thens or buts!

I coached quite a few people and many told me they suffered from something called analysis paralisys – read too much stuff, then got contused what to do and where to go. What I told each and everone of my students with this problem is it doesn’t matter where you start, just start somewhere. Because really it is true, lucky for me – I have a lovely wife who is completely my opposite and can slap some sense into me when I begin floating in dreamland.

You might be wondering, what was my first step – how did I take action? Well, I decided to spy and see what others are doing because when I read the successful case studies on this forum; they all said they spied using WRW. So I got myself a trial account $1 for 3 days HERE, and looked up where are they advertising Clean Master on Google Play.

I also looked up what kind of banners they are using, and what kind of angles they are running the most of. Yea that WRW is a beast and tells you all that info so you don’t have to throw around your savings to find traffic sources that work. Anyway, back to the story.

So I knew from my research that System Alerts and Scary Stuff like YOU HAVE A VIRUS! Clean Now, YOU GOT A TROJAN! SCAN NOW! were killing it.

Here are some banners I used:

, How to earn 00 a day – The BluePrint   , How to earn 00 a day – The BluePrint

, How to earn 00 a day – The BluePrint   , How to earn 00 a day – The BluePrint

NOTICE: Since March 31st, it is forbidden to use these banners! You can steal em and try them but you might get banned from your traffic source and/or your CPA Network might NOT PAY YOU!  So don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I decided to write those down and come up with my own variations. I also took some banners they had there and made variations of those using Photoshop. [Check out awesome photoshop tutorials here]

In the end I had 20 angles, and 10 different looking banners. So it was time to set it all up, oh boy this was interesting. I knew from reading I had to test each creative at offer payout x2, since that was only 40 cents it meant that testing 10 banners for 1 angle was going to cost me $4 bucks. Ok I set $5 budget… times 20 angles = $100 initial test.

I set this stuff up, and bid the average bid CPM on the traffic source, and then waitd for approval. It took em over 24 hours to approve the stuff, but after it was approved data started flowing. There was no Voluum back then unfortunately, so I had use ImobiTrax – which was the best at the time, but now its old school and I use the top cloud based tracking solution to ensure there’s no problems with Pings and latencies – Voluum.

It was the weekend and we had to attend a wedding and a bday the next day and frankly I forgot all about my campaigns until I received an email from my traff source saying my budget was depleted. It was time to check the stats. I opened up my tracker, and looked and I couldn’t believe my eyes – CONVERSIONS!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET I thought to myself, affiliate marketing really does work!

Yea I was in the red around 50% But that doesn’t matter, paid traffic was giving me conversions and I was buying data. Next I searched the forum for how to optimize campaigns – there’s a ton of juicy content on this on STM as you might already know. I loaded up some more cash into the traffic source and I begun playing with tid bits, testing this, testing that, doing split tests, multivariate tests on my banners & landers.

I measured and conducted experiments to see how things like frequency cap affects conversion %, how changing the border color, font color on banners, changing the wordage, changing the picture on landing pages affects things like CTR, and CR, etc. etc. I probably spent another 2 months perfecting and getting to know my traffic source. But that is when my negative ROI turned positive, and after I was positive it was just a matter of scaling the beast!

3) Scale Your Success

When my first $100 dollar day hit, I knew $500/day wasn’t far away. I immediately dived deep and talked up my rep at the traffic source, asking him what banner sizes, what advertising options are available. I wanted to scale and get data FAST on every single medium they had available. This got me to $300/day on the CM offer in just one geo… BRAZIL.

Next I knew from reading stories of KOKOFAI on STM, on how after the ASW meetup he went from $1000 to $10,000 per day that you gotta scale horizontal. And that is when I decided to go back to my WhatRunsWhere and see where similar offers are being pushed. I made a list of 30 traffic sources, Loaded $100 bones into every single one of them, and setup my winning campaigns everywhere to collect data.

In less than a week my $300/day profit grew to $1000/day profit and more. It was a matter of taking what worked, and scaling it horizontal to other traffic sources – almost like cut n pasting, with data collection + optimization in the middle of it.

So let’s recapmy blueprint to success is made up of 3 very important things. Planning things out on paper and writing them down, followed by taking action, and then scaling the success as fast as I can to as many places as I can.

Another very crucial part of getting to $1000 dollars per day is persistance, not giving up and risk tolerance. I was in the red upwards of $20,000 before I made it – others would’ve quit after losing $500, or $1000.

Losing 20k didn’t turn me off though, because I knew from previous studies done by experts that university graduates pay hundreds of thousands for their education and according to that study by Business Insider – they only make around $2 million in their lifetime. So $20k invested into my affiliate education and potential to make 14 million if I make only $1000 a day is definately a better sounding deal to me!

Also the case studies by trusted and established guys on STM kept the fire in me alive that I can join their ranks one day too.

As affiliate marketing continues to evolve at a rapid rate, staying on top of the game has become more important than ever before. This isn’t for guys who believe you just push a button and you get money flowing in; AM is for those who are willing to put in the hours after work so one day they can quit working for a BOSS and be their own (boss); for those who are willing to work 16 hour days like I did to get to where I am today.

I end this post with a quote I just made up – hope you like it, it speaks the truth!

“One Can Dream Big but Until One Takes Action, there won’t be Big Rewards to Reap.”


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12 thoughts on “How to earn $1000 a day – The BluePrint”

  1. awesome, i have just quit my job to be a full time affiliate, it’s time to go all in 🙂
    i love this business even though has pros and cons like all the other business.
    But the money you can make with AM are far more than having a boss telling u what to do for 8-12 hours…fuck it life is only one, let’s set ourself free!

  2. Wonderful post…..question though.

    “It was a matter of taking what worked, and scaling it horizontal to other traffic sources – almost like cut n pasting, with data collection + optimization in the middle of it.”

    –you just posted another case study about how this doesn’t work that great. Any differences between when it works and when it doesn’t work?

  3. Inspirational post! Is there an advantage of scaling out these antivirus type offers compared to another niche like adult because the antivirus don’t require landing pages? Keep up the great blog 🙂

  4. Elaborate on horizontal scaling is it both networks and say Antivirus offer and the same geo or no.

    WRW is the beast but if there was an option for group buy it would be perfect. Otherwise it’s expensive.

  5. Wow man, seen you around a few forums, just realised how awesome your blog was! This was a really good article and makes me think about how I can scale this to my teespring business.

    – Mateen

  6. what an awesome read and true inspiration! I kept looking at the scroll bar thinking i’d still have more to read and more to feed my ideas. But sadly it ended as if this whole thing was a huge teaser, as i felt it to be short :p. I really enjoy the writing style here. easy to follow as if you were literally talking through the screen. Bookmarked for sure!

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