Introducing MEGAPU.SH – An Awesome PUSH Traffic Source for 2019!

PUSH is all the craze right now, there’s tons of sources popping up every single day.¬† But do they have VOLUME?¬† ¬†Are they reliable?

If you purchased The Most Epic $1 Guide to Running Sweeps on PUSH Traffic then you already know MEGAPUSH has insane amount of PUSH traffic volume they have.   PUSH traffic on desktop & mobile that works like a CHARM for sweeps style offers!

In case you haven’t seen the guide..¬† In my $1 guru course – I took you through step by step on how to run a campaign starting with ZERO and building it from scratch – planning, spying, getting creatives, setting up tracker, settting up campaign on MegaPush, looking at data, optimizing and scaling.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Sadly, the course is SOLD OUT. Well not really, but I decided to stop selling it because the administrative work required was insane.¬† ¬†Anyway,¬† the guide will be FREE in a couple of weeks and posted online once the people that did buy milk the secrets within!

In the meantime.   I recommend you give a whirl.  If you need help running campaigns, my good friends at STM Forum will hold your hand and walk you through running a campaign with MegaPush.

2019 IS THE YEAR for PUSH.¬† ¬†Google didn’t ban it yet,¬† you can run stuff uncloaked (so yes, you can test diet, skin, casino, crypto, muscle, ed, what have you) without worrying that your account will die.¬† This is important.¬† FB has gone bezerk,¬† SNAPCHAT ads is INSTABAN when you create an ad and it gets disapproved and Adwords; well it’s not for the faint hearted.

Lucky for you, my awesome friends at MEGAPU.SH decided to hook everyone up with top-up bonuses.¬† So if you load $100, you’ll get an extra $50 – now you have $150.¬† Simple math right?¬† ¬†All you have to do is hit up Ani via these contacts:Telegram: @anihovak
Email:¬† she’ll hook you up!¬†¬†Please, make sure you mention that you’ve heard about the deal from IamAttila.
Now here are the ‘features’.
Unlike other advertising platforms, offers: 
  • High-quality traffic in massive amounts where no cloaking is required!
  • Ability to send push notifications to any country of your choice (huge voluum all over the world!)
  • More than 7 million daily clicks (for cheap!)
  • High conversion rate if you use killer landers/offers.
  • Easy usage: it takes only 10 minutes to get a campaign approved.
  • Unlike other traffic sources,¬† ¬†ads get approved SUPER FAST (you’ll see)
  • Ability to track conversions from the ad panel itself.
  • Convenient price for payment with CPC model (0.001$ is lowest cost)
  • You can even make money if you send your super affiliate friends – 3%¬†from their deposits.
  • Direct delivery to the user‚Äôs device that eliminates the possibility of bot traffic.
  • Highly qualified customer support service.

PS: If you read this far, I’ve got a deal for you.¬† ¬† ¬†Send me an email to (IMPORTANT U SEND TO THAT EMAIL!)¬† and include your Facebook Page URL.¬† ¬†You will automatically be entered to win one of 20 – $50 FREE credit vouchers to test MegaPushTIP: If you win, you can load $100, get $50 bonus AND get the $50 free voucher = now you have $200 and more chance to earn money with PUSH traffic.