How to setup campaigns on Voluum working with hasOffers back end Part 3

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Part 3/4 – Setting up Voluum (if you don’t have Voluum, get it here)


How to begin?

Now that you have your Voluum account activated, what next?

Step#1 – Log-in


1) Log-in with your e-mail and password


Set up Voluum options

Step#1 – Setting up the time zone

Now you are bombarded with a vast amount of different tabs, buttons and options. First thing you will want to do is familiarize yourself with the settings tab.

1) Click on the gear icon as shown on the image below


2) Then you will want to set your time zone. The reason behind this is because the chosen time zone will be reflected in all of your stats and reports


Step#2 – Set up Domains


1)      While still in the options menu click on the “Domains” tab


2) Enter your main domain and backup domain in case the main gets compromised

3) Leave the cloaking domain set to unless you wish to redirect visitors using Double Meta refresh then you need to check the custom option and enter you custom domain

4) Click SAVE


Step#3 – Setup


NOTE – There is no need to change anything here until you are ready to start running real campaigns.

1) While still in the options menu click on the “Setup” tab


2) If your landing page has a single offer placement, use the “Click URL” field

3) If your landing page offers more than one offer then you can just change the number at the end of the link from “1” to “3” for example to match the number of offers

After this is done you are now prepared to move forward in creating your first campaign!


Where to go from here?

The preparations are complete and now you are ready to start building up your own campaign. Next chapter will guide you through every part of the campaign creation process.