How to setup campaigns on Voluum working with hasOffers back end – Part 1/4

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Part 1/4 – Knowing the system (if you don’t have Voluum, get it here)


What is Voluum?

Voluum is the most technologically advanced tracking solution in the universe! If your desire is to expand your affiliate marketing campaigns to the next level, this is the right place to do it.

Voluum’s system is built by affiliates for affiliates, they listen to their users and that is how they grow. Everything you do on Voluum is processed in a flash, no downtime, no data loss, loading thousands of campaigns is completed in a matter of seconds, that is how advanced their system is.

Why Voluum?

a) The Cloud – Your tracking will never be down due to the redundancy that cloud hosting offers. Voluum’s team has designed a system where no one without your personal data can access your account and look at your campaigns.

b) Team – 15 man strong team of veterans in Java development are making functions and features so that your work can be easier  and campaigns more profitable. They completely understand the needs of their users so they always work accordingly.

c) Support – All feedback is taken seriously and they thrive to become the only tracking system that that provides everything a user could want.

d) Tracking – They support both mobile and web tracking. They also support secure and non-secure postback tracking in addition to image and script pixel tracking. Their servers are in Virginia (US), Ireland, Australia and Singapore. But don’t fret, your clicks are redirected to the nearest data center with great speed of all tracking platforms.

e) Pricing – Because of their sophisticated proprietary technology they are offering some of the best prices compared to their competitors, it will be a subscription based model where more clicks means cheaper tracking. Sometimes they even have promotions for a whole month where Voluum is free to use for users doing less than 10 million clicks per month.

f) Technology – they have spent almost a year developing proprietary technology that will meet the needs of a vast amount of marketers. Even if your click figures are in billions the reports are so fast, they cannot be compared to others who use an outdated database technology. That is the result of their hard work and dedication.


Where to go From Here?

There are still more parts to come in the following days so stay tuned. Next chapter in this step-by-step tutorial will be about account creation for Voluum.