How to Backup Your Photos and Keep Them Safe – A SyncToy Guide

How to Backup Your Photos and Keep Them Safe – A SyncToy Guide

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PROBLEM:  I have two external 1TB USB hard drives I used to keep my families memories (photos/videos) safe.     We have one locked in a safe at another location, and another here we always saved photos to and kept updated.   Once a month we’d bring the backup home and manually copy stuff over – then I found out, we missed thousands of photos because my wife saved them inside another folder.

How to solve this problem?  How to ensure when you have 2 or more external hard drives (or folders) you keep as backups of your pictures/photos/files you will always have the exact same carbon copy on both?

SyncToy by microsoft to the rescue.  This app is totally free, and can be download at the microsoft website right here

NOTE:  If the files on HD1, and HD2 are randomly different, for example HardDrive #1 has Files AB,C,E but doesn’t have D,  and Hard Drive #2 has Files A,,C,D,E it will ensure BOTH will be an exact sync and missing files are going to be copied back and forth from each other.


This process is really easy to do,  here it is step by step.

1. Download the app for Windows here
2. Install it, and open it.
3. It will ask you to select Source #1,  and Source #2 you want to sync.
4. After that click on RUN, and a dialog box will come up.
5. Now you can go do whatever, and just let this run.
6. It will take HOURS to complete if you have a massive difference between HD1 and HD2,  or a couple of minutes if you don’t.

Once done, you will have an exact backup and copy of HD1 and HD2.

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