You are probably wondering, WTF happened to me… well…

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Sorry I haven’t been around posting much lately, truth be told I submerged myself into the abyss of secrecy because I was testing something crazy in the world of bizops on mobile.

Spent 6 figures collecting data and I’m still collecting data but it looks VERY promising.     Will post about the details on what I’ve been up to and share some crazy techniques that helped me buy all that data using someone else’s money! 🙂   Stay tuned..

In other news,  Google has been going HAYWIRE on SEO people all over the place.

My friend that owns a mega tube site (one of the top 10 in the world) had his once 500,000$/month profit empire come crashing down because google decided to take away all their organic traffic, and rotate it so one week he gets a lot, then not much traffic for the next week or two, then again a surge of traffic.   Basically randomness!

I am REALLY Glad I switched to PAID Traffic, if I’d still be battling Panda, Penguin,  whatever else the next Zoo animal might be – my family would be struggling, and we’d be living real unhappy.    I’m glad I waived the middle finger salute to Matt Cutts and his BS SEO and left that ship before it crashed and burned.

If you are coming from an SEO past, it’s still not late to change to becoming a media buyer and paying for traffic.     It is way more fun, the results are instant and you can sleep well at night.   Sure, the only bad thing that can happen is the offer that’s killing it gets paused, but guess what – then you can replace it with another similar offer and continue banking!  Because with media buying, YOU are in control.   Google can go suck it!!   Ready to make $xxxx/DAY??       STM is a good place to start, join up here 

That’s all folks – Die or Evolve

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13 thoughts on “You are probably wondering, WTF happened to me… well…”

  1. Hi man, nice post on Charles’s blog. Keep on writing great stuff, there are many people in need of this fuel to keep things going, but you know how things look from down here:). Keep it awesome ;)!

  2. Found your blog through your guest post on Charles Ngo’s blog and I can’t wait to dig deeper!
    I’m currently thinking about leveraging paid traffic and ad campaigns for an online training program that I’ve created and I can’t wait to read more about your thoughts on that!

    • That’s awesome man, your own product is the best long term money making machine you can do! Make more products, then use your affiliate marketing knowledge to sell them!

        • sorry for the late delay, been having issues with this disqus system so I’m only now seeing your Q:

          well, SaaS product is kick ass as long as it rebills, and you also have potential upsells in the back.

          way better than drop shipping, which ties into the equation a ton of new hassles like shipping, customs, delays,returns of physical items, customer service, and the list goes on..

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