How to Promote Your Brand New Business Online and Offline and Get Tons of New Customers That You Want!

How to Promote Your Brand New Business Online and Offline and Get Tons of New Customers That You Want!

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I’ve decided to write this because there’s a lot of people out there who start a business and then wonder how do we get customers.

If you don’t know me, My name is Attila O’dree and I’ve been a full time internet marketer ever since I stopped organizing festivals & dance events because they were no longer profitable after moving to Eastern Europe from Canada. This was 10 years ago and since then I’ve been running my own internet marketing business and have done 8 figures in ad spend over the years on paid advertising.

Budapest Mansion
Our newest minimal style family home.

During the last 15 months, I’ve been busy building our 2nd family home in Hungary from scratch and we’re almost done! *YAY!*

Finding a good contractor was a nightmare in every regard; from painters, to the expert tile guys, heck it was even hard to find a gardener. However, I got lucky, and found a killer guy who’s son happened to have finished gardening school and was just starting out with his brand new garden building business. As he got to work; I immediately noticed the impressive work ethic and knew this kid had a future in the gardening business.

He like many others that start a business, think if you do a good job people will recommend you – and yes word of mouth is the best; but it won’t necessarily bring you the ideal customer that you want (that’ll make you the most profit).

After talking with him I learned that his ideal customer is a wealthy person that doesn’t have a lot of time, they just want their garden to be immaculate and always beautiful AND they are willing to pay a premium for this service.

How does one reach their ideal customer?

By paid advertising that is well targeted. And I am very, very good at targeting the ideal customers;Ā  I’ve spent $XX,XXX,XXX in google/fb/bing/yahoo ads over the years promoting things that are truly hard to sell (for example,Ā  Elevators for Private Family Homes)!!

So… I decided to help this kid and at the same time thought why not write a case study/book about it that documents what we are doing every step of the way. Starting right at the beginning so people just like You that are starting a new business can follow along, and maybe ‘steal’ a couple of the ideas and implement in your own quest for success!

This is going to be a multi part adventure into marketing a business. I know you will enjoy it!

My company when I was 15 years old – Circa 1998 – y2k countdown FTW.

I will touch on mostly online marketing, and a bit of offline marketing as well – I have a ton of experience in both having started my first business at age 14 in Canada called Wilike New Media that got featured on CNET and many other news publications, then went on to organize huge dance events that required a lot of offline marketing creativity.

After our journey is well on it’s way, I am going to take all the blog posts and create an eBook to give away for any business owner that wants to attract more of their ideal, perfect customers using paid advertising.

This is going to be the main page containing the links to all the journey entries that will follow.

Table of Contents:

Part #1 – The Journey Begins
Part #2 – coming soon

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