Part #1 – How to Promote Your New Business – Brand Identity

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This is part of our case study on promoting a local business to get more of our ideal client. Read the intro here about what we’re doing. 

To start, we had a chat about the company name we want to use.

The idea was to sound professional, and also convey the core services his new business has to offer.

We evaluated many names, and decided that Premium Garden Building & Care (Prémium Kertépítés és Gondozás) would be the best.

I sent off a request to the designers at BannersLanders to get a logo made, and they came up with three different ones for his new business.

Here they are:

Logo A

Logo B

Logo C

In the end, we went with logo A, because the kid felt that looked the most professional. To check what others thought, we ran a quick $5 Google Survey ( where we targeted people that are 40 years or older, and asked them which logo do you like the best from these 3?

Logo A won so that was our logo.

Next up, we had the designers at BannersLanders convert the logo draft we picked into high quality vector based PNG, EPS, and JPEG formats (at various sizes). In full color, 2 color, and one color formats. This is very important and will be necessary for your business in every day operations from invoices, to letter heads, to t-shirts and other merch, as well as online presence.

I advised ‘the kid’ that he should pick up a unique phone # so we can track our marketing efforts both offline and online that I am helping him with.   He is going to get a 2nd cell phone and phone number just to do that; because it’s extremely important to measure the effectiveness of your marketing!

We also discussed that we should immediately get some offline marketing material made for his new business using the logo; because branding your business and looking professional is very, very important in long term success.

These materials are a must:

-T-shirts for himself and his employees
-Magnetic decal for his vehicle that he can remove if needed easily.
-50 Business Cards to hand out if someone stops by while they are on site working somewhere.

He agreed, so I asked a virtual assistant at VA Pass ( to find us a company that can print t-shirts, business cards, and these magnetic decals and is within a 10 kilometer radius from our location.

We’re waiting for the task to be completed, and then we can get the offline marketing materials handled.

This was part #1 of our journey.

Stay tuned for the next one 🙂  You can keep on top of all the updates related to this case study at The Gardener section of my blog.

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