Quick Update – The Gardener Case Study

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The research came back from the Virtual Assistants and they were able to compile an extensive list of places that

-print business cards
-create magnetic company decals for the vehicle
-print t-shirts

We’ve provided the customer with different themes to choose from, and waiting to hear back from him which companies he wants to work with to get all the offline marketing materials made.

Here are the themes FYI:
#1 – http://wp1.themexlab.com/wp/gardencare/
#2 –  https://demos.qreativethemes.com/thelandscaper/
$3 – https://landscaping.vamtam.com/

Banners&Landers will be creating his website from scratch for a flat rate of $200 for a company website.

He is super busy on some projects so that has been causing a delay in moving onto Part #2 in our journey.

Anyhow stay tuned!


Sharing is caring!

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