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$1000 TIP: How to stay under the radar when creating fake profiles for cloaking

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Disclaimer: The following is for educational purposes only.  Cloaking will get you banned on most major traffic sources.  Play with fire at your own risk!

Cloaking or thinking about it? Here’s a tip to help you farm better accounts!

Sadly,  with time policies evolve and we’ve gotten to a point where they ban you for everything.  Hell they banned our Bulk WordPress Sites company used by lazy web designers that just want to meet with clients and not do any work (just resell our sites for 2-3x the actual cost).    When I asked WTF is wrong with they told me “We don’t support your business model” – lol wut?!!    Anyway…  no big deal, new account and we’re back to promotions… but how do you get a new account?   And when you make one, how do you make one so you don’t get insta-banned??

Here’s the $1000 TIP

DON’T STICK OUT!  One of the biggest most important things when it comes to cloaking is looking natural for the ad networks,  that means blending in.

It’s no secret people are using proxies combined with different VPS’s to create phantom personas.      But they get caught all the time, because they leave foot prints or stick out from the rest of the crowd.

My golden nugget tip for today is this,  if you are looking to bend the rules a bit and want to play with cloaking make sure you setup your foundation right.     There’s this site I talked about before called,  it lets you look up stats on any country including Browser, OS,  Screen Resolution and more.  Look at all the options, it’s insane!

What does this mean?  It means you can look up what the average person in the country is using, so you can make phantom profiles that mimic that so you don’t stay out from the crowd.

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