, How to Build Highly Engaged Followers on Instagram for FREE

How to Build Highly Engaged Followers on Instagram for FREE

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I have been a member on Instagram for a bit now, but never really used it.   I didn’t need ‘another Facebook’; however since Facebook is going ape shit crazy banning everything these days;  the only way to ‘stay alive’ is to accept the hard facts and pivot/adjust/get with the program.  One of my ways of adapting to these changes (thanks Zuck!) is to diversify onto other traffic sources for my brand.       Introducing Instagram…

Why IG?  IG has amazing organic reach atm as its still a platform in the growth stage.   Whilst Facebook has killed off organic reach and they want you to pretty much pay for everything these days (and then they ban you).. on IG you can still get a lot of free reach if you share useful content and interesting photos/videos that are targeted towards your audience.

Now the question is how to build engaged followers?  I mean no one wants fake IG followers that never like/comment or interact with what you post, that’s useless…  however a lot of people still buy fake followers to look big… I personally prefer the real deal, real, highly engaged followers.

So how do we get them?   Here’s what I learned in the past week of reading and trying various ways… this is the best way I’ve found thus far..

Let’s say …  If you are an affiliate marketer like me,   you can make a list of hash tags that only affiliate marketers would use, for example #stmforum #charlesngo #voluum #affiliateworldeurope etc

Then you search on Instagram for these hashtags, and click it.  Then click the first image that appears and you will right away see posts from real affiliates that used these hash tags.

Next, there’s a follow link next to their name on the right… click this, and you will now follow them, and chances are they will follow you back.

Engage with their pictures,  like it, and comment on it, to increase your chances of them reciprocating and commenting on your posts and liking your updates, etc.

I just started doing this, but the response has been amazing.      It is working and I am networking with affiliate marketers that understand our ‘affiliate speak’ so my posts are getting more engagement, and my followers are growing.

Try it 🙂 It really works and it’s free (just takes time)


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