, AdEngage Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/Variables

AdEngage Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/Variables

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, AdEngage Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/Variables

Right to the point, here are the details you may have been searching for. Add these to your favorite tracker like AdsBridge and start your traffic!

Tokens Description
${site} Site ID
${zone} Zone ID
${country} ISO2 Country Code (GB, US, CA etc.)
${image} Image ID (will be empty if not a banner ad)
${ad} Ad Group ID
${type} Ad Type (banner, pop, directlink)
${mobile} Mobile traffic? (either 1 or 0)

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.

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2 thoughts on “AdEngage Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/Variables”

  1. Hi

    I have a tracking token and want to use those with google utm url builder

    Can some one help me building those>

    I have zeropark account and i want keyword segmentation tracking in google analytics

    The tokens (macros) available are:
    {target}-Sends the target id

    {keyword}-Sends keywords attached to visitor

    {match}-Sends the keyword that got you the visit (keyword campaigns only)

    {cid}-Sends click ID for conversion tracking
    {traffic_type}-Sends POPUP/DOMAIN
    {geo}-Sends country code
    {visitor_type}-Sends ADULT/NON-ADULT
    {campaign_id}-Sends numeric campaign id
    {long_campaign_id}-Sends UUID campaign id
    {campaign_name}-Sends campaign name
    {target_url}-Target URL (POPUP campaigns only)

    Can any one help me with building the UTM URL for GA

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