, AirPush Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

AirPush Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

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AirPush Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

Tokens Description
 %guid% GUID is an unique variable generated by Airpush when a click happens. This is automatically generated by Airpush.
 %d% IMEI (MD5 encrypted)
 %androidid% Device android id
 %carrier% Carrier name
 %device% Phone model
 %manufacturer% Device manufacturer name
 %campaignid% Campaign Id
 %creativeid% Creative Id
 %ip% Device ip address
 %state% State
 %city% City
 %dapp% App Id
 %pubid% Application Developer/Advertiser Id
 %framework% Device OS Version

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.

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1 thought on “AirPush Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API”

  1. Hello, i am a mobile marketer and i just found this blog, it’s amazing man, really so many information, that many marketers don’t even think about sharing, so thanks for that.

    Now i hope you can help me with this, i wanna add airpush tokens on voluum (picture) but looks like i put the placeholder wrong because when i test an offer and look for the airpush variables they just don’t work (picture), can you help me with this?

    In the past i add tapit, decisive and they work just fine, airpush don’t.


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