, BuzzCity Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

BuzzCity Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

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BuzzCity Dynamic Tracking Tokens/Scripts/API

{clickcode}To substitute the unique clickcode value associated with this click
{pubid}To substitute the publisher ID associated with this click. You need special privilege to use this parameter. For more information , see PubID filtering.
{random}To substitute a randomly generated value associated with this click
{timestamp}To substitute an unix time value associated with this click. E.g. 1379453899 – Which represents ISO 8601:2013-09-17T21:38:19Z

for Voluum, CPVLab, ImobiTrax,Prosper202,STM Mobile Tracker,etc.

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  1. Hello Attila,

    I hope you are very well.

    Can you please take an screen shot of how it looks buzzcity configuration in voluum or tell me if this is ok.

    Thanks in advance

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