Decisive.IS – Tracking Tokens/Scripts/Macros

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MacroField Info
{{{bidhash}}}Unique impression ID (Use this to track conversions/actions)
{{{ad_id}}}Ad ID (Identifies the ad associated with the impression/click/conversion)
{{{creative_id}}}Creative ID (Identifies the creative used in the ad)
{{{ad_name}}}Name of campaign
{{{carrier}}}Carrier used by mobile device (VerizonAT&TT-Mobile, …)
{{{os}}}OS of device (AndroidiOSBlackBerry OSWindows Phone OS, …)
{{{os_version}}}OS Version (Android 4.0.4iOS 6.0.2, …)
{{{device}}}Device type (iPadDROID RAZRKindle Fire, …)
{{{media}}}app or site
{{{country}}}Country of visitor (United StatesMexicoCanadaGermany, …)
{{{ip}}}IP address of user
{{{app}}}Name of app where ad is placed
{{{site}}}Name of site where ad is placed
{{{placement}}}Combination of site and app. Name of either site or app where ad is placed.
{{{ua}}}User agent string
{{{category}}}IAB Category of site/app
{{{subcategory}}}IAB Subcategory of site/app
{{{idfa}}}iOS User IDFA

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5 thoughts on “Decisive.IS – Tracking Tokens/Scripts/Macros”

  1. I know some are already captured by the tracking software. I’m using both Voluum and cpvlabs but maybe it I’m just not setting it up properly because when I do have those tokens in the url those only return the variables (ex: {{{app}}} ) returns {{{app}}} in my tracker when looking at that custom variable. Any thoughts?

    I guess my question is for the variable parameter {{{app}}} should I be filling that in myself. For example, setting the {{{app}}} value to “pokemon_battle_app”?

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