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PopCash specializes in pop-unders ad format.

Pop-under is an ad format which opens a new window tab under the main window, and it is visible when user minimizes or closes the main window.


In order to start a campaign, you must deposit your money into your account. Available payment methods are PayPal and Paxum. After this, you need to create a campaign.

Minimum deposit is $55. You can target your campaign by country and by category.

First of all, you need to register with PopCash in order to start advertising. Registering is easy and takes only few minutes.

Once you are registered, go to LogIn section and Login to the website:


When you login, you will be redirected to User Dashboard.


On the left side under Advertiser, click on Campaigns and then on button Create a new campaign


Now you will be redirected to form for entering details about new Campaign:


Enter Campaign’s name which will be clear and easy to remember. You will usually browse your campaign by their name, so make sure your name will clearly show what the campaign is about.

URL of the campaign is specific URL where your offer will be.

Total budget is maximum amount of budget you want to spend on this campaign.

Enter amount you want to spend per popunder. If you want to spend $6.00 on 1000 popunders, enter value 0.006.


When targeting countries you have option to choose all countries or to select specific countries.


When you select country you want to include, click on popcash6 to include country in Selected Countries list. If you want to select multiple choice, while choosing countries, press CTRL button on your keyboard while selecting countries with left click of the mouse.


You can choose to target All categories or specific categories:


Process for choosing categories is the same as when choosing countries. Click on category and button popcash6, or hold CTRL while selection for multiple selection.

Number of categories from which you can choose is really wide, from Adult content, Dating, Computers, Flowers/Greeting to Sports, Pets, Women, etc.

Operating System

Same as with Categories and Countries, you can select all Operating Systems or select specific Operating Systems


You can choose from Android, Blackberry, Desktop, IOS, Linux, Mac OS, Mobile Others, Windows and Windows Mobile.

You can also Allow or Disallow adult landing page.

When you enter all the details, click on Create Campaign button:


You can always reset all the information you enter by clicking on button:



In order to create a campaign, you need to deposit your money.

This can be done in section Billing.


Click on Deposit in order to deposit your money for your campaigns.


Enter the amount of money you want to deposit and choose payment method. Available payment methods are PayPal and Paxum. Minimum deposit is $5.


When you are finished, click on button Deposit.

If you chose PayPal as payment methods, click on Pay Now button which will take you through to your PayPal account to finish your order.


If your desired payment method is Paxum, click on Pay Now button which will take your Paxum account where you can complete the order.


Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!