How to setup a pop/redirect campaign on ZeroPark & Thrive

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If you were wondering how to make a pop/redirect campaign on ZeroPark, this guide will help you learn everything you need to know. Just follow this simple but very helpful guide and you will be running campaigns in no time.


Step 1:

When you are new to the site, after logging you will get a message instantly telling you to create your first campaign. Just click the button and you will proceed to the next page.

First step is to choose what kind of campaign you want to make. You will be presented with a few choices. RON, Keyword, Target and Multi-Geo.

We will pick RON because it’s our first campaign and then you can start setting everything up.


Step 2:


Fortunately ZeroPark’s campaign creation process is very simple, the choices are clear and that is why you are able to create a campaign in a few minutes.

Let’s begin:


  • Campaign name – choose a name for your campaign
  • Country – you must select the country you wish to target
  • Bid – be careful when placing a bid because ZeroPark works on average bid system. That means that most visitors that you receive will be cheaper or more expensive than your bid. However, the average price that you pay for the traffic will never exceed the set bid.
  • Daily budget – leave it unlimited or insert a value
  • Campaign budget – leave it unlimited or insert a value
  • Traffic type – you have two choices, Domain and Pop Up. We will choose popup for this guide.
  • Traffic filters – Choose between Desktop & Mobile, Desktop only and Mobile only
  • Frequency filters – Shut them off or set how often will your ad be displayed to a visitor


  • Adult filtering – Choose the option that reflects your campaign, is it adult or is it not
  • Day parting – Show your ad at specific time or date
  • Destination URL – insert your destination url


  • Conversion tracking – set how you want to track conversions. You can set by Pixel or Postback URL
  • CPA – define your payout per conversion. Choose Auto or insert your earnings manually

After all of this is done, click Save. Now your campaign will be shown in the list, where it will await approval.


This concludes this guide on How to setup a pop/redirect campaign on ZeroPark. As you can see, it’s not complicated at all, easy-to-use interface helps a lot with picking the right choices and ultimately lead to a successful campaign. Try it out yourself, my guide is only the first step, the second is all up to you.


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  1. Thanks Attila, I’ve been reading your guides for a while – they’re really helpful. Are you at ASW from this Sunday? It’d be great to see you here.

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