This is an advanced Zeropark guide, for advanced affiliate marketers. If you are new and learning how to become an affiliate marketer, I recommend you start by getting yourself a copy of my book “From Zero to Super Affiliate” on Amazon. Also, you can she the Ultimate Beginner Guide post. After you’ve finished reading, you should revisit this post, as then it will all make sense.

PUSH Traffic gives affiliate marketers the chance to run without the need for a cloaker, without the need to ‘get creative’ with fooling the traffic source, and without the worry of losing an account instantly or after investing hundreds of dollars into ‘warm up’.

It has been one of my personal favorite ways to promote male oriented offers, like finance offers.

EXPERT TIP: If you are going to be running PUSH, make sure that you register a second account at Supremedia and tell them this is PUSH traffic. Separate Facebook into it’s own account at Supremedia, PUSH into it’s own account, and so on. That’s because PUSH traffic converts from Lead to FTD at Supremedia at a lower % than Facebook traffic for example, so they need to prepare accordingly on the backend.

Getting a List of Zone IDs That Are Already Proven To Work for Finance Offers

Before we dive in deep, we need to do a little recon. We want to learn which Zone IDs are doing well, and which are the top 3 countries to target. We get this by talking to our rep at ZeroPark.

Just hit up your rep and tell them, you are looking to run financial lead gen from SM and want to know what are the top 3 geos to target, and the top 20 zoneIDs per geo.

Within a few hours, your friendly rep at ZeroPark will send over a spreadsheet or text file with all the zones to target.

Why do we want to do this? There’s just so much traffic on Push (RON) and many of it is shitty ass bots that it’s best and advisable to improve your odds as much as possible by starting with a proven whitelist.

Why should I trust my rep at ZP? I know you might be wondering why on earth would you trust your rep at ZP, are the zoneIDs they give you actually good? I had this same thought in the past, but over time realized that the goal of a traffic source is to make money, and they make money if you make money – if you lose, you won’t buy more traffic; so the zones they will give you are spot on.

Selecting the Supreme media offers to promote – talking to your AM at Supremedia

Now that we obtained the top 3 geos we want to work with, we want to hit up the AM at SM and ask them, what two offers are the best in this geo. It may be Amazon related investments, it could be Bitcoin, it could be something else. There’s a vast variety of financial offers out there, and what’s working right now is ever changing.

You can also ask your rep if they have any proven angles/landers that you can use as your control. Get the expected numbers for push for these geos, what’s the average CR to get a lead. What’s the average lead to FTD ratio on push?

Write down your numbers, it will play an important role in your optimizing process!

If you mean business, they can also get you some awesome perks like throwing an offer on your own domain so its 100% exclusive and no other affiliate can rip it. After all, the affiliate game is the rip n run game, getting moats in will protect your profits. But that’s when you’ve proven you can generate revenue; not before.

Preparing All The Creatives / Landers and Setting Up the Campaign on Zeropark traffic source

Now that we’ve got the ZoneIDs, the geos, and the offers. We need to organize all the stuff into a spreadsheet so we have everything in one place so we can get our Supremedia offers live.

Create a spreadsheet, make room for the Offer Name, Geo, Payout, and Offer Link.

Write down your angles for the ads, I start with 5 different headlines and two images initially.

How Do I come up with the angles and ad creatives initially?

#1 – I spy using AdPlexity Push. Here are some angles, sorted by received most traffic (this is a great indicator that they spent lots of money aka they were profitable)


Get Rich With Bitcoin
How to convert 250 into 5349 in 1 week

How To Earn $900-1300 per day
The secret way in Kenya, click here

Proven & Tested Way To Make $500/Day with Supremedia Financial Offers on ZeroPark with Whitelists

$2900 a month is yours
Earn today after registering!

#2) I look at NATIVE ads that did well, and I apply their angle style to mine..

If you want to make money click here
Turn $250 into $1320 per week!
Invest and get returns up to 60% in one week!
After the family discovered this secret, they make $5000 per month!
He became a millionaire following this advice..
etc etc

For the images, while spying I noticed stacks of cash, pictures of riches (think richkids of instagram) seem to dominate and I know from having ran a ton of ads, that high ctr ads usually combine click bait with the actual offer, so I searched on google images to find some potential images like these:

See how many bills it took to buy a chicken in Venezuela
Stack of cash with a turkey? WTF — clickbait!!

529 Crazy Man With Cash Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock
Counting the profits from Supremedia campaigns.
Plinofficial: Russian rapper who loved dollars arrested by FBI - BBC News
In lux car with cash
Zeropark crypto tutorial
Huge stack of 50 Euros.

As you can see you can find pretty cool, high CTR images just by surfing around on google images. We usually bring them into photoshop and play with the filters to liven them up, we also add special effects, highlights and shit like that to make them jump out even more on the screen.

For our campaign, we went with TWO images, and 5 headlines (2 based on spying, and 3 from the ones we came up with)

Then I also spy for landing pages with AdPlexity Push, based on received most traffic.

Here are some good examples I found.

Proven & Tested Way To Make $500/Day with Supremedia Financial Offers on ZeroPark with Whitelists

Proven & Tested Way To Make $500/Day with Supremedia Financial Offers on ZeroPark with Whitelists
Affiliates use landers like this to promote supremedia financial offers.

Proven & Tested Way To Make $500/Day with Supremedia Financial Offers on ZeroPark with Whitelists
Landing page used to promote Supremedia financial offer

Proven & Tested Way To Make $500/Day with Supremedia Financial Offers on ZeroPark with Whitelists
Landing page example that could be used to promote Supremedia financial offer

You can get some ideas from these landers to create your own ones, or you can rip them, and change the texts and the images, or localize them based on the country you are going to run.

Next up we setup our RedTrack tracker campaign. I won’t go into detail, I have a full guide on redtrack and how to setup campaigns on this blog (check top menu). In short, we create new camp, then we add the offer from Supreme, select ZeroPark as traffic source, add in all the landing pages we got from Supremedia and save it, then grab the campaign link and save it in our spreadsheet.

Setting it all up on ZeroPark and Getting the Campaign Live with a TWIST

Now that we have all the shitz ready (headlines, images, landers, campaign URL) it’s time to get down to business on our traffic source, Zeropark!

Usually the longest time is spent on setting up a campaign, to get all the shit together, edit the images, organize the headlines, get the landers nicely cleaned, clickURL added, speed optimized (TIP: use kinsta to optimize your images so they load fast, and use an .htaccess hack to enable gzipping and caching on the lander)

You can hire a VA to do all the prep, but you will have to train them, which is time consuming AF. If you need help getting LPs ready then just talk to B&L.

Campaign setup on Zeropark is easy, it’s nothing new and since we’re advanced affs and we’ve setup dozens if not hundreds of camps I won’t bore you with this newbie stuff. If you are a newb, excuse me (here’s how you can setup a camp from scratch).

Anyways, what we are going to be doing differently (which I prefer to do in whitelist cases) is setup 1 campaign for every single ZONE separately. This is important because creatives perform differently per zone, and also the bids you need to place are different per zone…. sure sure, i know you can set diff bids per zone in the same campaign, but I just like to separate stuff so i have more control..

Create a new PUSH camp, then select TARGET

Proven & Tested Way To Make $500/Day with Supremedia Financial Offers on ZeroPark with Whitelists

The naming scheme we use for each is GEO – CPA Network – Date Launched – PLACEMENT ID

Remember how we asked our Supremedia rep, what are the usual click to lead CR %?

We want to calculate how many clicks we have to buy to get the network average on PUSH for click to lead. Establish our cost per lead.

This is quite complex math, if you want we can help you calculate inside iAmAffiliate, but for now lets assume a lead costs $30 to get. As a general rule, we like to test with 3x the lead cost. So our daily budget will be $90 for the placement.

*for the bids, ask your rep, they will tell you what bids to set, set them one cent higher than they tell you. You can drop it later, as a general rule if the budget is blown super fast, you are bidding high so decrease your bid gradually until you get to a fine balance where it spends it balanced in a 24h period.

The last step of your campaign setup is to add the Target Zones.

Proven & Tested Way To Make $500/Day with Supremedia Financial Offers on ZeroPark with Whitelists
Proven & Tested Way To Make $500/Day with Supremedia Financial Offers on ZeroPark with Whitelists

Here are the Top 50 targets to test:


What To Do Next? The Gathering Data Phase from your RedTrack

Finished setting up all the campaigns, each is set to target just one placement? Double check make sure you didn’t mess something up, or forget to add the placement ID or target the same placement twice in different camps. Do your Quality Control.

After that you want to let it run for 2 days to gather data.

After you’ve gathered data on the 10,20 placements, you compare it to the averages your network rep told you. Do they match up, are your lead costs on the money for any of your creative combinations? If yes, you pick the creatives that generated leads, and kill the others. Let it run for another few days, now you know you need to get x ammount of leads to get an FTD based on the network averages for Push.

Optimizing & Scaling on ZeroPark – When to Cut, And What to Cut

The initial data collection part isn’t cheap. That’s why if you are on a limited budget don’t do 20 placements/zones from the start, do 5 instead. You MUST spend enough money to get statistically significant data.

This is where many amateur media buyers f up. They don’t read the data, and fear kicks in, and they jump to conclusions. You have to ride out the storm, because the sunny weather is down the road. You will make up your ‘losses’ that were invested into finding what angles/placements work afterwards.

In short, after you’ve ran the camps and collected data, keep the things that are at the network average levels running, pause all the shitty creatives that are off. If you spend the 2x the FTD payout on a campaign, and your lead costs are on par, and you don’t get a deposit you have the option to leave and pause that zone/placement campaign -or- inquire with your rep and ask them what the call center is saying about your leads for that campaign, etc why aren’t they FTDing. Then you can turn out the intel you learn to launch new angles or update your lander to address the issues.

Zeropark Domain & Pop – More Opportunities for Scale with Supremedia offers

After you have dialed in your campaigns and have a winning funnel going, you can scale it easily into Zeropark’s Domain & Pop traffic by copying it over and doing some minor adjustments. It may serve as a great idea to get a new account at Supreme for these two new traffic methods as they impact how the backend responds to your leads.

Every single traffic platform performs differently, that’s why the click to lead, and the lead to FTD ratios are going to differ from Push to Domain Redirect to Pop traffic. Always separate it as a general rule.

The biggest benefit of scaling to Domain & Pop traffic is you don’t have to worry about bans here either. You can just scale up your profits really fast, and just adjust things like bids, and creatives to match what the data is telling you.

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