I’ve been running MegaPush for months for our Crypto campaigns. Their main feed has been highly effective for good conversions, doing around 100% ROI on volume.

MEGAPUSH v2.0 is here! No More Crazy Overspend and Tons of New Features!
What works great for us in MP is to have a ton of micro campaigns in many weird geos.

One of the biggest issues many people had with MP is that it would overspend like crazy. The good news is that this problem has been fixed, and now there’s a new algo in place that considers the balance on the account and the speed at which push notifications will be sent; so if there’s not a high balance, it won’t send a lot of push notifications vs if you allocate a huge budget. This is to make sure that there’s no crazy overspend like it was noted in the past.

Due to how push notifications work, system sends out notifications, and you see clicks after a user opens them. So since not everyone opens Text messages/alerts right away, that’s why there’s a delay. It’s basically on the users end.

Now onto the new features… MegaPush truly listens to their affiliates that run traffic so they implemented more sources, and redesigned the interface to make it easier to launch campaigns… here’s what was updated:

You can now create and launch a campaign from 1 single page, you don’t have to go back and forth to upload ads – everything is on one screen when you open the create campaign menu.

MEGAPUSH v2.0 is here! No More Crazy Overspend and Tons of New Features!

There’s more stats on the dashboard, making it easier to see your KPIs

They implemented a dark theme for night owls, I personally love this and it’s great for anyone that likes to work in the dark and not strain their eye. It’s easily switched on at a click of a button just like on iAmAffiliate forum.

They added new macro’s to help affiliate marketers with more granular tracking and aid in finding pockets of profit and targeting segments when reading stats with RedTrack tracking tool.

Here are these dynamic tokens for MegaPush:

{clickid} = click identificator

{feedid} = feed identificator

{payout} = lead cost (usd)

{cur} = payment currency

{feedsourceid} = Source identificator

Overall, I am quite pleased with the service MegaPush offers, and they work very well for high payout finance offers as well as dating lead generation.

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