How to Add Decisive Traffic Source to Voluum?

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, How to Add Decisive Traffic Source to Voluum?

This tutorial was created to show you how to add Decisive, the traffic source and its dynamic tracking tokens to Voluum. If you’ve missed my post in the past, I’ve published the dynamic tracking tokens/scripts/macros for Decisive right HERE. This guide assumes you already have Voluum and Decisive account.

TIP: Sign up at Decisive if you haven’t yet – it is a great traffic
source for App/Game Installs!



Login to Voluum at



– Click on the ‘Traffic sources’ tab followed by clicking on the ‘New traffic source’



You will be confronted with many fields to fill up. Almost each field is totally optional to fill. I will guide you through each field so you can set-up your new traffic source with ease. Please follow the below screenshot for a more detailed view on how to add Decisive traffic source in Voluum:

, How to Add Decisive Traffic Source to Voluum?

1) Input ‘Decisive’ into the name field

2) Postback URL  can be ‘{externalid}’

NOTE#1: Don’t be mislead by the Postback URL because ‘Decisive’ was called InCrowd Ads before but its URL still works for everyone

NOTE#2: Add three curly brackets to tokens

3) Enter your custom variables

4) Click Save to finish

5) Your new traffic source will appear in the list where you can access it at anytime and make changes


And you are done! You have successfully added a new traffic source to Voluum.

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2 thoughts on “How to Add Decisive Traffic Source to Voluum?”

  1. I was just adding decisive to voluum today, when i noticed in the decisive docs that it mentions to use three curly brackets around tokens.

    Since Decisive is not a predefined source in Voluum the “Placeholder” will default to one curly bracket i.e. “{bidhash}” for it to work in Decisive each must have three curly brackets “{{{bidhash}}}”

    I see you updated you post =)

  2. Thanks man. You’re missing a slash in the url over here: Postback URL can be ‘http:/{externalid}’

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