How to add Exoclick traffic source to Voluum?

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, How to add Exoclick traffic source to Voluum?

How to add Exoclick traffic source to Voluum in a few steps? Follow this short and simple guide and set-up your traffic source in minutes. There is an existing post that covers the dynamic tracking tokens/scripts/macros for Exoclick right HERE. This guide will skip the account creation process and assume you already have a Voluum and Exoclick account.

Step#1 Learn your traffic source, what is Exoclick?

ExoClick, a Barcelona-based company founded in 2006, has grown into one of the largest ad networks in the world, serving more than 125 billion geo-targeted ad views a month using EXADS™ ad-serving technology. ExoClick provides online advertising services to both advertisers and publishers worldwide, for both web and mobile channels.

The company offers a range of advertising formats for both web and mobile including display banners, in-video ads, popunders, customizable text ads, direct links, interstitials, instant messages and mobile redirects.

Advertisers have access to a global network of publisher channels from the entertainment, lifestyle, motoring, dating, games, online communities & tech/biz segments. Further targeting features include language, geo-location, browser, OS, device and mobile carrier and three types of retargeting are available.

ExoClick makes and accepts payments via Paypal, Payoneer, wire transfer and its partnership with Paxum allows payments to be made in the local currency of advertisers and publishers.

The company offers 24/7 customer service and a quality assurance unit checks for fraudulent activity of advertiser campaigns and guideline violations.


Step#2 Login to Voluum at




–          Click the “Traffic sources ”tab and then on the “New traffic source” button”


Step#4 How to fill out the optional and necessary fields

After you have completed “Step#3” a new window will appear with many fields to fill out. Basically only the ‘Name’ field is necessary and all the others are filled as you get the info from your traffic source. In the screenshot below I will show you how this set-up should look like. Be advised, valuables and links used in this guide are taken from Exoclick’s official web page and the tokens and postback URL can change depending on your campaign. For example you can only insert 1 or 2 tokens because your campaign doesn’t need more. When you create your campaign on Exoclick you will be provided with a valid Postback URL for that campaign. You can edit those changes at any time.

Note#1 Every value in this guide is taken from Exoclick’s official website. If you encounter any issues at all feel free to contact either Voluum or Exoclick to get a solution for your problem.

Note#2 Since these values are taken directly from their site they are only examples on how should your set-up look like, these values will be provided to you from Exoclick after you start making campaigns with them.

, How to add Exoclick traffic source to Voluum?

1) Type in “Exoclick” or any desired name into the ‘Name’ field

2) Postback URL which we will be using in this guide is:[GOAL_ID]&tag={externalid}

3) External ID and Custom variables are also optional fields but here is shown how to fill them up properly

Note#3 For You can get tokens used for Exoclick by following this LINK!

4) When you are done with the fields click Save to finish and your new traffic source will be listed

5) You can make changes at any given moment by clicking the Edit button after selecting your traffic source from the list


CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully added Exoclick as your new traffic source to Voluum tracking software.

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  1. Thanks for a great guide Attila!

    I have followed it and configured ExoClick as a traffic source. HOWEVER, when you use Voluumes ExoClick-template it says: “ExoClick does not support server to server conversion tracking.”. So I suspect that the conversion tracking will not work or? Any ideas on how to get around this problem in that case?

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