How to add SiteScout traffic source to Voluum?

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, How to add SiteScout traffic source to Voluum?I will walk you through a short and simple guide on how to add Sitescout traffic source to Voluum tracking software. There is an existing post that covers the dynamic tracking tokens/scripts/macros for SiteScout right HERE. This guide will skip the account creation process and assume you already have a Voluum and SiteScout account.

Step#1 Learn your traffic source, what is Sitescout?

SiteScout is a leading self-serve platform for buying banner ads on the web and on mobile devices. Our easy-to-use platform, transparent reporting and real-time control deliver unparalleled performance for brands, marketers and agencies. With a low minimum deposit, and the ability to sign up within minutes, SiteScout makes best-in-class real-time bidding (RTB) technology accessible to advertisers of all sizes. Their specialties are: Ad Server, Media Buying, Demand Side Platform, Real-Time-Bidding and Self Service.

Step#2 Login to Voluum at


–          Click on the “Traffic sources” tab and then on the “New traffic source” button

Step#4 How to fill out the optional and necessary fields

New window will pop-up on your screen where you will be instructed to fill out some fields. Except the Name all other fields are optional but with this guide you will get a glimpse on how most of them should be filled. This set-up is not set in stone, you can change the order of tokens, add or remove any tokens depending on what you need and don’t need. Postback URL can also be updated with more variables which will suit your campaign more.

, How to add SiteScout traffic source to Voluum?

NOTE#1 Every value in this guide is taken from SiteScout’s official website. If you encounter any troubles at all, try contacting Voluum’s or Sitescout’s customer support (depends on whose side the issue occurs) to get a detailed solution to your problem.

1)      Input “SiteScout” into the name field (it can be something else of your choosing)

2)      One of the Postback URL’s can be “{externalid} “ – The postback macro will translate into a value that refers to a specific user. You are responsible for storing and using this value once a user has clicked on your ad.

3)      Fill the other fields like the External ID, Cost and add Custom variables at your desire. On the screenshot is shown how to insert SiteScout’s tracking tokens the right way.

NOTE#2 For the entire list of Sitescout tokens please follow this LINK!

4)      After you are done with everything click Save to finish

5)      SiteScout (or if you inserted a different name) will appear in your traffic source list from where you can make changes anytime

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully added SiteScout as your new traffic source to Voluum tracking software.

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  1. Thanks for all of the solid info on Voluum. I started making the transition to this new tracker a couple of days ago, and came across your blog via a Google search. Lot’s of other good info, too.

  2. i tried using sitescout for mobile offers, but got denied because they.. only want people who OWN what they are advertising. are you able to run any affiliate offers on here at all?

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