WANNA See My Revenue Screenshots? SIGN UP on My List Then!

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At the end of may I’ve hit 1k per day PROFIT running a [that means ONE (1)] mobile CPI offer and just sent out an email containing details on what I was promoting, and how I did it – to all the members of my mailing list.

If you want the real good shit,   do yourself a favor and sign up for my mailing list – which has real tips and tricks that work right now,  no one in their right mind would share with you.

Me on the other hand,  am CRAZY – so you benefit.     What do you think about them apples?

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4 thoughts on “WANNA See My Revenue Screenshots? SIGN UP on My List Then!”

  1. Hi Attila,
    I have subscribed and activated but did not receive any email from your end concerning the screenshots…thx!

    • Hi Armaan, thx for signing up to my newsletter.. the reason why you didn’t receive screenshots is because i don’t use an auto responder sequence to spam. I sometimes send out private emails to people on my list that includes screenshots, and tips of what kind of mobile apps/games are HOT right now that im pushing.

      Hope that answers your question!

      • So..since I’m already on your list..I will greatly appreciate you first email into my inbox..eagerly waiting…thanks

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