About iAmAttila – Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert

Welcome to iAmAttila – affiliate marketing blog devoted to paid traffic sources like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Mobile, and Native.

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, get tips and tricks on how to make money online as a performance marketer you’ve arrived at the right place.    I believe Affiliate Marketing is the most legitimate way to earn money online, it’s not SCAM and it’s not MLM, or a pyramid scheme.     

About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert
Affiliate World Dubai 2022 with My favorite lady CEO Anna Gitta from MAXWEB

I’ve made millions of dollars online thanks to this amazing industry and if I did it, You can do it too.    On my blog I teach how, for free. I don’t have a course, and never had one and people know me as the blunt, honest to the point guy that shares legit tips and methods.   

GOOD NEWS:  COVID-19 helped accelerate the adaptation of online shopping and purchase of services. Now there is a bigger opportunity than ever to make money if you master the craft of affiliate marketing!       If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is and want to learn. I highly recommend starting with my book “From Zero to Super Affiliate“.  

I’ve created this blog many years ago in 2013, and continue to update it as often as possible.  Writing to me is relaxing,  creating helpful content very rewarding, and since my passion is technology and computers I am living my dream.

FACT:  I’ve quit my 9-5 a long time ago, and been earning a very nice living online since 2007.

When I was 15 years old, circa 1998 I started a web design company named Wilike New Media.   The domain was www.wilike.com, you can check it on waybackmachine if you wish.      It was pre-dot com bubble era, and I got a lot of freelance work creating websites and logos for people; as well as Flash presentations.  Back then FLASH was new and huge,  I first heard about flash when Kim Dotcom had his megacar site created and his own kimble.org.   I was blown away.

About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert
With my Sweetheart

Anyways,  sadly my design company came to an end in Grade12. I became interested in a girl, lost all interest on the computers and that was that.  After high school, I attended university while working full time as a Tech Sales Guy at Netnation selling dedicated and shared web hosting.  This was fun, but I quit after 2 1/2 years and went to work as an ad sales consultant for Yellowpages.

While working at Yellowpages, I got into organizing EDM parties, and they grew into a real business.     I was living the dream life,  throwing parties,  hanging out with DJs and making crazy good money doing so.    One day, the city of Richmond decided to ban these events; so it was time to pivot.

Decided, why not try to organize events in Serbia – the country where I was born (No, I am not Serbian,  the part I am from has a large Hungarian population that is the results of the Treaty of Trianon).

About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert
Did you know? I became an internet marketer full time because of my wife? It was either move back to Canada get a 9-5 job, or do something online and stay close to her family so our future kids can grow up with grandparents, aunts and uncles close by! (I lived 8000 miles from mine, and it sucked not having grandma/grandpa/cousins/aunts/uncles over for bdays and holidays… ) My wife Dora & I, 11 years ago. 

This was 2006, when I met my wife, Dora.   She was just 18, turning 19 years old!    Wow.. long time ago..

In Serbia,  organizing parties the way I was used to in Canada didn’t bear fruit.  I lost over 60,000 Euros (around $80,000USD) on the first event, around 33,000 Euros on the second.    It was a total disaster,  something was wrong, something needed to be optimized.       Luckily, Dora knew what to do; she cut all the extras out, optimized and set fixed budgets for things, and we worked, we worked for 3 months straight,  spending 14-16 hour days on the event,  driving everyday from Subotica to Novi Sad and from there to Belgrade with the promo team to hand out flyers, and at night driving around to stick posters everywhere.       (Yes, we were young, inexperienced – these days I’d just delegate everything).

Anyhow, our 3rd event made around 10,000 euros profit, but if we calculate how much we earned for our time per hour, it worked out to half a euro!    We thought that’s crazy, our janitors make more cleaning the bathrooms at the parties!! So we had two options

Option 1) Move back to Canada, and get a job.
Option 2) Figure out something fast, and stay close to her family  (Dora’s very family centric, that’s one of the two things that made me fall in love with her – the other, she’s my complete opposite,  director & analytical)

Dora had an idea,   she heard about my buddy Konrad (www.mechbunny.com) who was a super successful internet entrepreneur, that I knew from Vancouver. He moved back to Poland around the same time as I came to Serbia too.    Dora suggested I look into WTF he does online!  This is how I came across AskDamageX forum and GFY.com

I quickly learned that he is a super in demand coder, and since I can’t code – fat chance I can just do what he does.   BUT, I discovered something awesome!

I discovered webmasters earning shitload of money building blogs about different adult niches, SEO-ing them and making crazy commissions.

I knew I had to try this, it might be my break to stay close to Dora’s family and follow my dream to be super successful so my kids can be very proud of me.

I remember my first ever blog was about vintage porn;    i picked this weird niche because it was so freaking weird, and in the world of Internet Marketing, I heard weird/strange niches work awesome.     So I registered my domain on some free subdomain , and went to work.        In the process,  I was chatting with guys online and made some friends who gave me some tips.  I remember Antonio (I am still friends with this crazy fella today) told me to add a CTA on the top of my blog as that will bring crazy sales) I followed his advice.        He saw how awesome I wrote (he told me) and asked if he can pay me to write.    And this is how my company www.contentpimp.info was born, a copywriting company charging 1 cents per word.

This company took of really well, and also my SEO blogs.   So much so I was able to buy my dream car a BMW 5 series back then, my wife her dream car, an A series Mercedes, and build our dream house worth close to $500,000 all for cash.  ZERO DEBT, ZERO MORTGAGE.    This is why i LOVE Affiliate marketing!

Then the fun ended; google’s crazy ANTI-SEO tactics killed off SEOing. A lot of writing clients started to fade away.      They were dropping like crazy;  I knew I had to pivot yet again (pivoting is a huge part of my success)  Affiliate marketing was getting HARD!

About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert
Affiliate Marketing is about solving problem. Shirt available for sale in the iAmAffiliate merch store.

This is how I came to PAID MEDIA BUYS.   Now I heard about these things before, and I was turned off and scared by the insane cost.  A guy named BAKO was telling me he’s spending $20,000+++ per month on media buys. I was like holy shit, I could not comprehend. I knew I couldn’t risk doing that.

BOY Was I clueless!!!   It wasn’t a year after I was spending a MILLION a year on media buys.      WHY so much you might ask? Here’s what BAKO didn’t tell me – you will spend crazy money when you see the crazy profits it brings!!

My first campaign was adult dating with the help of Tuan.  I was newb, I didn’t get when he told me “its your banners man, you need to test more banners!” i was like wtf, im testing what I think are hot chicks but they arent making me money… so I gave up adult dating stuff and moved to CPI.

CPI was app installs,  Clean Master, DU Speed Booster, they made me six figure profit in a few months. I was like HOLY SHIT!     We’re back in the game!!

While emerging myself in the world of affiliate marketing, I kept hearing/seeing that the ‘real ballers’ are NUTRA guys.   WTF was nutra, so I learned that it’s diet, skin, ed, muscle offers.    Decided to try that, and for some reason specialized in skin care, because of my mother in law. She’s obsessed with anti-aging creams so I picked that and still run it today.        Mastering the vertical really paid off, first it was trials,  then it was COD offers,  and CPS offers.      COD is cash on delivery style, CPS is cost per sale where customers pay full price, there’s no tricks in the end.

I’ve learned a lot over the years,   one of them as I got older was that you need to delegate, you shouldn’t do everything yourself just find really good people and pay them well so you have more time to do more.

About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert
Driving The ‘Rarri (2022)

That’s basically the story till now,  today we do a lot of lead generation, skin care,  I continuously work to grow my real brands – BannersLandersTransey, Anglesaurus and make new brands (like my new and upcoming Video Ads service similar to AdZombies).

I moved from Serbia to Budapest,  Hungary and will celebrate my 13th year wedding anniversary with Dora (together since 2006,  married November 2008), have an 11 year old son and a 5.5 year old daughter.      Built another killer house in the Buda hills again 0 debt, 0 mortgage, 0 loans and invest in real estate.

Living the dream life of having to answer to NO BOSS,  taking days off whenever I want to, and not having to follow a 9-5 schedule and give my life for the ‘company’ — ALL thanks to persistence, adopting to change quickly and learning new skills and networking with new awesome people every single day!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments.

About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert
My family and I celebrating sons 8th birthday.  

Wishing you the best luck in the world of affiliate marketing, it’s not easy but if you are like me and battle hard you can build a very nice life for you and your family!

Kind Regards,

About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert

UPDATE May 1st, 2019 – iAmAffiliate premium community for advanced affiliate marketers is now online; created this members only forum so I can share actual information on what works right now with a select few people and meet others running and struggling with day to day affiliate.  Join here.

UPDATE August 4,2019:  New video ads service AdsBabe was officially launched in the summer of 2019.    They create video ads for Facebook for $50 a pop.

UPDATE September 13, 2021: Wow it’s been quite a lot since I updated my about me page. What has changed? FB has gotten 10x harder, and ever since the IOS 14.5 update the effectiveness of FB ads gone down big time. I’ve lost over 27kg since January, here’s a picture.

About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert
About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert
Affiliate World in 2017 vs Affiliate World In 2022
About iAmAttila - Full Time Affiliate Marketing Expert
Summer 2018 vs 2022

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  1. Hi, what’s your marketing agency name? U also gonna be at affiliate summon est 2014 nyc 10-11-12 august? i will be there

    • Had a db crash and lost that widget when I changed the theme. I can’t get it back unfortunately 🙁
      If anyone has an old version of my site, where the list is saved I’ll be happy to put it back though.


  2. Was curious on how much web, mobile, fb, adult your running…(an example like 50%mobile 25%web 15%contextal 10% FB)? Thx

    • I run on biggest traffic sources, and direct media buys – you can’t get volume out of little ‘pockets of profits’ mini sources. You need mass volume.

      How much mobile, how much web, etc doesn’t matter. Whatever makes money I run. There’s no % breakdown really.

  3. Hi Attila,

    I’m just entering the affiliate marketing scene and thanks for all the useful info and time you have put to this site.
    Pardon by newbie question, i’ve something to clarify. What kind of websites do i have to create to join a affiliate network? Is it best if i create websites focus on a niche and vertical so to be accepted but an affiliate network? i tried joining neverblue but got rejected.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Jerm (Singapore)

    • Just join http://www.iamattila.com/go/stm and then ask for a referral. You don’t need any kind of website to join an affiliate network, just a good referral.

  4. Hi Attila! Do you allow any form of advertising (guest posts or similar) on your blog? I believe I have an interesting deal to offer you 🙂 Send me an email at erik@goodtimesmedia.se if you might be interested!

  5. Attilla I respect you and your accomplishments to the max and I have a very serious question to ask.

    Why does it seem that most forums (even the good ones) take this “just keep trying until you find something that works” approach? I totally understand the concept of testing to get enough data to know how to cut/scale but….being a newbie in Aff marketing I feel like I am walking around in the dark (with many other) searching for the right door to success. Some find it, most don’t and that approach can get expensive. I find that the reason most quit is not because of laziness, but the frustration of following everything to the letter for months and still losing money. I have followed some smart people’s start ups on STM and still see them fail and fail and fail. I know most would argue that’s the path to find what works but just from seeing the consistent success of some AMs I can’t help but believe there is more going on beneath the surface other than skill + luck.. When something doesn’t make sense I believe in asking questions whether I like the answer or not I like to know the mechanics behind why something works or doesn’t. One can easily get information overload in this business but I can digest as much information as needed as long as it’s the correct info. I would really appreciate some feedback on this, Thanks

  6. Hey Attila, Sent you an email just now, its from Josh. Had a question about WickedFire, which is where I found your site from. Thanks

  7. Hi Attila! I’m Alex from TemplateMonster. We would love to share a great giveaway with your readers. Please contact me and we’ll discuss the details.

  8. Hi Attila! just dropped you a line on Fb. There`s a deal we want to talk to you about. Ad ben on Skype: ben-rgiants , or email me: milton [at] revenuegiants . com

  9. Hello Attila

    I think there is something wrong with your links below. It’s on your right bar.


    -Learn how to create your own info product

    -How to Make Money With TeeSpring on Facebook

    -Best video tutorial on how to run campaigns on FB

    It’s either

    “404 – File or directory not found.”


    “The site ahead contains malware” (I got redirected to another website)

    Sorry I could not find a way to private message you to let you know.

  10. Hello Attila

    we provide premium FB ad acc with high quality.

    our acc can spend huge money per day, fast set ad..

    Do you care about this?

    let’s talk with me on skype johnnydeep0211

  11. Dear Attila!

    First of all, I would like to thank you for all the tips and reviews you give us on your website, I’m sure they helped a lot of us. So, the thing with me is, that I have to get rich, and it’s crucial. I don’t want to go into my personal life too much, the point is that I have to make a significant amount of money, as fast as possible. I know, everybody’s aiming for this, but in my case, it really has vital importance. I don’t have time to build and popularize a blog or an affiliate marketing web presence, and honestly, I don’t really want to talk about products and courses all the time, and promote them. I would need a faster, more predictable and reliable way to become wealthy and abolish my problems. I thought of some form of online arbitrage, flipping domains or websites, or maybe ecommerce. And here’s why I’m writing to you. I would like to ask you to tell me, that with your insightfullness, what do you think is the best, most lucrative and relatively fast way to become rich online nowadays? If you could recommend me a specific course, that would be the biggest help. I have a capital of $800 to invest in total.

    Thank you very much for your help, really,
    Walter Hullesch

  12. Hello,

    My name is Anthony. I’m a freelance content marketing specialist who works for Max Exposure, an online marketing agency.
    I’m currently looking for sites in ENGLISH.

    Would you be interested in posting an article that is relevant to your readers, with a link to one of my clients, for a fixed fee that we would pay you?

    Another option is to place a link on an existing article.
    If so, please send me price quotations?

    Please also let me know if you own other sites available for advertising.

    Best Regards,
    Anthony Duncan

  13. Hi! Happy new year!
    I think we have common ground to work something out together. Kindly, buzz me on skype:asudjan
    Look forward to hear from you?

  14. You’re funny as hell, Attila. And guess what I am Attila too. Not that it matters much. I’m an absolute beginner, but will do my best to follow in you footsteps. Kalandra fel!


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